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Several questions, wasn't sure the best place for this

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1: Twin Fighter skill Tactical Combo, doesn't seem to do anything? Also why is it only 1SP to get it?

2: Warrior skill Sword Mastery mentions 1-Handed Swords, 2-Handed Swords, and Dual Swords? What are Dual Swords? New class perhaps?

3: Is there a way to keep the little "?" Guide button from popping back up in the corner every time I change screens?

4: Summoner - every time I try to use his charge attack, the summon command menu appears but I don't even have any of those skills yet. Way to prevent this?

5: Is there a good place to submit translation-related things? I have noticed a number of things that aren't right when switched to English (hotkeys switch to QWER-ASDF but combo still says W instead of Z, for example)?

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1: doesn't matter --- I think it's supposed to be while "combo off" ... but no one would turn them off, beside Twin "combos" are rather useless (you mostly only ever use X or XZ spam and 5-10+ skills xd)
As for SP, several skill were reduced... in point, and in "level requirement for the next skill" to make it easier to get the skills you want at the start
(note that we can get additionnal skill point later on via the Exco orbs (lvl60+ daily and reaching 95-100% xp) ... meaning you can max everything if you want to, given time)

2: Dual sword class is "halted" (possibly indefinitely) since the dev that was working on it left a long time ago

3: It goes away eventually (I don't remember "when" .. probably once you reach higher level or something)

4: Like 1 ... no one ever use "summoner charge attack" --- X Spam is mostly ST target damage --- if you need to keep "multitarget" use your skills instead, especially as the % of the skill are quite high (summon command are somewhat important, to reposition them, or to "unsummon"; which heal you HP and MP provided you have the passive for it)

5: Not really the list would be so long that it would be stifling any "desire" the dev might have for that ... perhaps they do some here and there without player realising it, but that's about it.
(tbh we get quickly used to it, and most of the time we don't really "read" text... once you are used to your class you know what every skill does regardless of description)
As for the W/Z confusion well, lots of game have that, and likewise, not a bid deal

I would would suggest just "level up" to 70-85 at least, then probably most of the question/comment go away by themselves

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