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jump char event/ channel selection and other stuff

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actually i would find it cool to have a channel selection designed like DragonSagas - where you get a small exp boost for playing on the level range specific channel- like ch1 lv 1-39/ ch2 lv 40- 59 / ch3 lv 60- 95 for example. this way you will encounter more people of your level on the same channel while playing throught the game.



instead of jump char events i would love to see bigger sorts of events few times a year which aims to attract many new player to the game at once. like when you guys opened the english server. a more structued even than jump char one - where many people start together and farm together instead of just boosting your lv 60 char with a high level alt char to lv 95.


the seperation between english server and french one caused huge problems because of gold transfer / selling etc. but actually i like to start on a fresh / clean environment without high levels - because you have more people to farm together instead of getting boosted or looking for booster. i would for example create a new char everytime on a new server because its one of the best feelings to have alot of people to play with at the start. where everyone needs the help of each other. anyone who feels the same and any ideas to reproduce such kind of experience on an already old and existing server?


we could limit the party level. for example you cant invite people more than 10 level above you - i actually could imagine this to be a good thing, but perhaps many people will be against it because they want to rush/ boost themselves via sandboxie.



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Conceptually you are not wrong, however this server is all about getting to 90+ the fastest possible (when it is not down right 95 where most people are)

Beside most people don't care one bit about xp (past a point) --- so they would still join whatever channel they want regardless

So what would you do? ... channel 1 = level 1-85 ... channel 2 = 86 + ?
But then how would a team which include both 85- and 86+ do?
>> so perhaps 1-85 vs 80+ ? so basically most people wanting xp go channel 2? (except the very few during their 1-68 progressions + 68-80 CDC normal leech --- as quest (inlcuding board) is unaffected by xp bonuses

In short it wouldn't change anything ... time wasted.

Note: that even if you think "event channel bonuses" (meaning big big one ... even multiplicative perhaps) ... you risk overcrownind a channel, whereas channel goal is to avoid server issue .. at the core.

"jump event" ... so what? someone who knows the game do 1-60 in like 10 hours ... how care if you can skip it ONCE (per account) ... whining for the sake on whining really, period.

(and if you meant the lvl85 boxes... tbh it is not worth, but if lazy rich people want to, why not? (it is still rather quick to do 1-85 ... especially as most of the time those boxes happen during a x2 xp event)

"Separation" of language, from one of the most obnoxious person that constantly say "French this" or something (including having "all english player" on one side, and french on the other) ? ... dude you want to complain about something, start by being good around it. (so silly xd --- "le comble" xd)

And requesting a new server, well they tried, with Vyvern ... and guess where it went --- people like "fresh start" mostly on nostalgia .. but start also mean horrible farm ... and huge gap between paying and free2play ... which makes bahviour issue even worst. (which is why it last 1 or 2 month, and drop dead)

> The game is designed to have people "rush" to end game, because the population is too low to scatter it all over the place ... (and tbh it is pretty easy to get that ...)
In addition, there are already big gaps in effeciency and stuff despite "start" being quite "accelerated" .... and people complaining about those effect ... and you ask to widen them? lol

Note: whether you like it or not, people are no longer ready to farm hundred hour to level up.... (beside you yourself complain regurlarly about the farm being "too long" or something ... really it is "weird" (when it is not direct contradiction)...

Ps: I almost not replied and left that topic to yet another 0 reply of yours ... but it is just unfathomable how you will complain about anything and everything ... and put suggestion without any thought (or so it seems) --- aka thing that may be fine outside this server context or something, but are completely irrelevant with it.

Now, you can accuse me of whatnot, I don't really care ---- it is up to you to realise how you often ask one thing and the complete opposite later on ... or how your suggestion sometimes goes completely against the server/community ... or was even tried before (and failed) .... yet you still "request" it ...
(note that you don't need to acknowledge anything ... )

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Either you are blinded by hatred or you arent capable of understanding english. pick one. either way, i hope your account gets put on moderation if you continue trying to derail topics made by english player and trying to provoke them constantly.


i personally dont see what the suggestion to use level recommendation on channels has to do with whining and praising DS. however - that we have a dying english playerbase is a fact. just take a look at tboard or ingame. someone like you who certainly has a problem with english player might find it welcoming that our numbers are decreasing - i personally would like to see them go up

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Sure, I replied and explained ton of thing, but as usual you pick a random statement more or less prone to a drama reply and then fake that is all I do ... in hope to "manipulate" staff (or rather to lower your own behaviour) ... that's childish, and fool noone no matter how much you want to "believe"

Anyway, review your messages or not, not my problem... whether you acknowledge (in your head not "in public" , huh) or not the fact you complain about one thing, and 3 day later the opposite --- or other similar thing from the same source >> no thoughts ... you just state whatever you feel like at the moment, and who cares if the next day you are in another mood.

Channel bonus >> irrelevant
XP itself >> pretty much irrelevant as well (even though I do encourage the staff to address the worst part e.g. level 55-60 --- but anyone you are not one to talk about that since you supported lowering Isoris xp ... and don't go excuse "yeah but I wanted more xp on normal quest" > point is your action made thing worst, yes even if that wasn't your intention /// or because staff didn't do "all you wanted", that's just normal ... staff won't ever have the same view, thus suggestion should be made with more detail if you want to avoid a counter productive result)

Language things, well it will happen regardless, and ever more if you actually talk like it is a thing --- (personnaly I help people, whether they speak french or not is completely irrelevant)
> Anyway you want to comment on it, start by being a role model with regards to that (good luck lol xd)

New server, as said above, Wyvern failed ... so what make you think it would be any different? (most players already done "Dragonica beginning" a ton of times ... and anyway, say there's a new server ... 2 month later the most dedicated will have similar gear as now (in PvP at least, meaning even in expand are a little lower) ... then what? reset again?

> Even in "season games" ... well things end up rushed even more ... beside most don't have the free2play model ... and probably none have the "enchantement" system (not at Dragonica degree at least)

You just split whatever suit your taste, and "attack/accusation/insult" anyone that would dare not to go 100% your way (like you always did ...

You are free to do that, but it doesn't change what it is, and that it is "your problem"... cheers anyway

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Posted (edited)

Childist as usual, unhappy, just block me (you made a full serie braging how good it is, so just do it again)... and if I am that much an offense, go support to complain... (but seeing how you say I would be a "racist" .... I can see you have deep argument, completely linked to what happen ... *sarcasm* (rather add cuz you go fiction on your own, so if I help ... how far would you fall xd))

Anyway ... rage or not, bias or not ... thing are what they are ... whether actual status of the game, or your request .... or even your tantrum prone behavior ... xd

If you cannot handle anything (but "+1") said about any of your "opinion/request" ... perhaps you should do something else (I let you find out "what").... "good luck"?

Note: as "T-board" for reference to anything? lol ... do you have even lower ? ... instead of talking, or dramaing, you should just "play" ... enjoy the game, of even gauge what people actually want (rather than just you ... or a very narrow minority might want)... before you get frustrated when someone dare to tell you ixdé

edit: and editing top-5 to top-2 ... what you were afraid I would have acces to top-5 to easily ... so funny 🙄 (I never cared about any "ranking" , it won't start just because a raging ball mention it ... the ranking is relevant of sh*t ... thus people that talk about it are really lame (as it just means they couldn't find something else to entertain themselves, e.g. liking the game, having friend to keep them from being bored and so one, getting better at the game (and not to "push their opponent face on it, but for the sake of progression, which is human nature --- well I guess "rage" is also something of "human nature" sadly xd))

Instead of trying to sumarise everything to a "ranking" (whether it is pointless or the best thing ever created) ... you should realise how meaningless it is , and (one of) the very reason PvP is so cancerous, and thus so "empty" ... but I guess you will say that it is my fault, even though I stopped going PvP like 15 months ago)
> Keep accusing everyone else of problem around you, you are probably right ~

Ps: sorry can't reply without appearing enflamatory ... but can't let BS be said either, especially on that level of accusation/insult (which are at the core forbidden in forum ... just sayin)

Perhpas you should have a look in the mirror (with regard to your replies) before you accuse people of random fake things ...

Edited by mouafr

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The idea of having different channels per level bracket is nice for thousands of players, but for 500/600 players I don't see the point of separating them on different channels except to avoid lagging the less powerful configurations.
Concerning the level limit of the groups I am totally against, after more than ten years of games it would be absurd to change that even if it would be an effective measure against the rush/multiaccount.





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Posted (edited)

well, anyways all i know is that you guys should do smth for non-french speaking player, since they have alot harder time to connect to the majority of the community and to find parties.


call it crying 24/7 and only complaining like mouafr does - but i actually get more pms of player asking me how to get stuff done on this server than you might think.


whether its how to obtain gold on low level, how to beat galaxy on this server. the big jump at level 70 onwards where you suddenly get oneshotted by everything.


these are problems people are complaining on for years. and its actually incredible how many english player we lost because of this. so yea, it wouldnt surprise me if people do as mouafr said.


and if you really think i'm the only one who complains, i'm not. i'm perhaps the only one who cares and who speaks about it on forum. we lost coolsam as a player and many more. paris tested this server aswell and surprisingly noticed the same flaws i saw. it's just that nobody takes us serious.


this has nothing to do with channel selection, but i hope you guys will think about how to get english player back and listen to some of the complains we point out for 2 years already. sadly and i dont know how to put it in different words - we lost the trust - of a big part of the english community. and by being stubborn we lost the opportunity to bind hundreds of english player to the server 3 years ago. now we have a handful of english player and those lose the fun aswell in a server which is 95% french.

show me one english guild, there is none anymore. 


this server is great in many aspects, but i find it sad to see that a "european" is 95% (perhaps more) french.




new content is all cool and fine but actually it will perhaps scare away even more player. people already call drago france the server of endless farming. and its hard to have fun in bsq if you dont have an alruwman set with 10* cards +25.


so if you are lv 91 with heavenly set you will enter the same bsq as alruwman guys and get oneshotted for a half year till you have alruwman set aswell. but most people quit already at lv 70 because they find no one to do galaxy with because they get oneshotted or stations or they get oneshotted in skies path

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Posted (edited)

What the hell has that have anything to do with topic? beside I provide information to non french speaker as well, so what? (and help in game just the same, I don't care whether one talks French or not)

Show me one server (of any game) where new player don't need to ask anything ... (and it is offtopic, as usual)

Beside, asking question and complaining are completely different things, and I don't think I saw a big difference between French/non-French speakers ...  (need to know how to xp, make gold, start progression, craft system, etc... and that is the same on any game, Dragonica or not)

Note: any player can do without details, and find one by himself, asking question is just way more efficient... and nothing new --- I never saw a game with "no question asked", despite playing online for longer that some player age xd (plus that the main reason of joining a guild, or the "modern version" >> joining a "discord")

You just drama once again, and try to display yourself as a savior, while I talked to many english player where YOU were an issue, even on earlier server you may have played --- regardless, once more, nothing to do with topic... "pretty normal" ... and have nothing to do with complaining about every little thing.

...in addition, criticizing is not a problem per say, the issue come from how it is done, and most notably the lack of actual suggestion (be it from no suggestion at all, or thing that are completely unrealistic ... or say show a complete lack of looking at context/consequences of what is asked, like here: asking to split players while it would make no sense whatsoever .... all was done for people to join the end game as soon as possible, and while it is not mandatory, 99% of player with do it)

And PvP? well not enough player interested for one BSQ, and you would want to split people? again ... thoughtless xd ... beside the main reason for lack of PvP players is the behaviour of "PvP players/Community" (where you are one of the worst, don't get me wrong, you are not alone there)

And again ... link with topic?

Ps: "endless farming"? .. hmm 2009 Dragonica needed WAY more farming, sure you didn't need 1m gold, but you also didn't make 15k/h ... just like you only needed +20 ... but that was still was more scroll than the +25 now ... and those scroll were 100% from the cashop.

What do compare BDL first farm to Alruman perhaps? ... months of 8-member team to gear ONE of the 8 ... I don't mind but it would be quite absurd as it was FAAAAAAR longer ---- players (no matter the game) are way less ready to grind, and all game adapted to that (even if you takes Korean example or something ... but perhaps you just don't realise how grindier games were in the past, be it Dragonica, or not --- this server or not ... go ask people about when Arcadia released ... or Galaxia ... or even Isoris)

And so on ...

And farming haven't really changed, since the beginning of the server since the staff make previous gear easier at each expansion --- which most server barely do (if they even did) ... but still, once more, yet another offtopic...

Note: Well, Alruwman (without daily) was about the same, by design >> aimed at 100h (similar as earlier expansion)... but since the daily was added, we are way under that, with the extreme (full daily, no "farm") down to 50h

>> Dunno, at least try to stay on subject on your own topic... 😕

Edited by mouafr

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