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Hello there!


after a very long time i decided to go back to dragonica reading that warpportal is not for eu anymore. so i found out this one which i am playing now and i am really enjoying it.

for me the problem is... everything is in french and i can not read/understand it. so i am playing with 2 screens open where 1 i see all abilities etc in english.


i saw on the site that there is a english version. i looked everywhere but could not found it. i changed language in the options but that did not work. also on the patcher before the game starts, in options there is a setting to choose language but only french is clickable and the other is blanc.


so is this supposed to be this way or is there a other version i got to download to see everything in english?


kind regards!



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Posted (edited)

Esc > option > "divers" (top 3rd tab) > (down near the end): Langue > English > 'OK' (F1)

(you will need to reboot the game once you confirmed the change)


Ps: while you can ask other question in the forum, you might prefer to use "trade chat" for it (so you get your answer faster ... or perhaps discord, whichever seems more convenient to you, cheers)

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