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So i've been on and off on this game and my question was when i hit lvl 70 where do i farm or how do i progress to lvl 85 or 81 and how to prepare myself for those lvl 80+mobs? I have 4 chars that are lvl 70 with zauh and i even bought this pack for lvl 85 on 2 chars. On one lvl 85 char i made my wings +20 and yet still i get 1 shot by monsters while i do no damage to them or on other char lvl 20 galaxia weap so ok i do decent dmg to them but i still get 1 shot... This bugs me since i tried farming for elga with these chars.. Its same stuff.. 1 shot or i do no dmg.. With lvl 70 chars after ive done isoris quests no one else does these f7 anymore.. Everyone seems to be lvl 95 with max gear.. I need some indept guide from lvl 70 to 85 or how to get mysel ready for those mobs where to farm and such. 

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First of all, sry for my english


The best way for up 70-85 its begin by iso quest, u will be 73 i think after that u have to ask for cdc rush ( im not sure its cdc in english but if u say cdc people will know what u r talking about ) till 78 and after lvl78 its cdc chaos till 85


70-73 : iso

73-78 : cdc

78-85 : cdc chaos


Its sound like ez when u see that but sadly u will need to pay for the rush so after 73 i recomend u to farm gold in order to up, u can farm demon orb lvl 75 at iso may be the best way for have gold 


In the past u was directly lvl 75 after iso quest but now only lvl 72-73 and for me its really really really a bad decison, why not lvl 30-40-50 nerf iso like this people do red quest but after lvl 60 its so dumb to nerf that ,nobody up with red quest after 3rd job class they only do f7 or rush drakos/cdc 


Its not the only way for up but i hope it will be usefull for u at least and gl ; )

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(no one does F7 because the xp in CDC is way higher, and consistent with time rather than having a 20min useless time to then get xp on the higher F7 levels)

You can also do board quests for 60m xp a piece (albeit slower than CDC rush, you can do it on your own, and without x5 pots requierement; can't explain in detail which quest are good, and which are to be ignored ... you will have to get used to it or ask in game/guild/discord ...)

As for survival issue, well you NEED time wing +25 ... that should be your number 1 priority (and usually it is cheaper to buy one already +25 with dcc (both reinforcement and special option), but if you already "wasted" up to +20 perhaps it is better to finish ...) ... even before getting a better weapon (which will be the second thing (a +25 one, regardless of being BDL/Galaxia, again buying on already upgraded --- I would stay away from lvl 90 weapon since they are way too expensive for the little more damage they offer)
> Note: don't worry too much about the cost since you will be selling them back later (with just the "unlink" item as a fee if you will)

Once 81-85 you will be able to get your hand on a Galaxia gear easily which would help quite a bit being able to kill mobs in CDC yourself (even if you die easily) so you can farm soul and make some money (base to buy time wing and your "first weapon")

Other than than, well, getting "Celeste" gear will be a huge difference in the ability to put 7 or 8-star card in it (thus getting 150-200 more Health ---- and a decent portion of critical from any of int/agi/str) .... and you might want to increase +25 your chest piece, and probably Isoris shoulder (which also impact quite a bit your damage)
> Point being getting cheap cards; meaning opportunity-based (doesn't matter which stat they give, even if int/str card are slightly better --- and ideally ALL stats card are better since they give more stat on lower level than the single stat one) ... like 1-2k gold each.

But like any "gear/farm game", survival and damage come little by little from every single small upgrade (getting tcc/dcc (hope you know the French acronym of things, if not just ask) on jewel if possible, or at least one of them etc....)

Ps: CDC mobs will be tough since they can attack "vertically" (and sometimes what you see doesn't perfectly match things) ... but you will get used to it eventually, just try to prevent them from attacking by sending them to the ground or air

I would strongly advise to join a group of player (be it an active guild, or even simply a discord group or something), if it still the best way to progress in an mmropg even if people tend to forget that more and more
... 😮

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