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  1. while lux and the other monkeys are thinking about how to turn this thread in their favor again, let me add the party bug in abyssal zone to the list, which passione abuses to not be found by people search
  2. let him rage. cant get his point across so he sheds salty tears talking about rydo and fisco and 1v1 pvp out of sudden instead about bugs - while he was stanning me in his last thread where he couldnt even get ms numbers right lmaoo
  3. i will put it in more simple words and spoonfeed you with the point i tried to get across in order to waste less of my time tho i thought its kinda obvious if you actually turn your brain on and think for a few seconds. its a strong and abusive bug which gives you bunch of advantages and the usage of it shouldnt be allowed. i myself was one of the first people who reported it. but yet again, you dont complain about the bug per se you want to get ririth banned. and im sorry to tell you that you wont get him banned today just because he used the bug against you. staff already said back then that they dont care and wont do anything against it. so do you really think that they change their mind all of sudden and ban ririth for it when they allowed people using it for the last couple of years? at best staff will put a global announcement that the usage of this bug is prohibited from now on aswell as (hopefully) afking in bsq, kicking people by airlocking them, manipulating teams, relogging in empo and abusing jumper bug. and this will include you and your guildies aswell especially. so again, nice try, but try harder next time. he wont be banned and i think topic can be closed. if you have a personal problem with a player its smarter to write a ticket anyways cheers
  4. if your intention is really to keep the game clean, it would be the easiest to start in the own guild instead of fingerpointing at others on the forum, and if you want to deny that your guild abuses bugs aswell - theres no point to continue in this thread. again, hypocrites.
  5. yea, so go ahead and report yourself aswell lmao
  6. all i see are kids wanting to play pvp but instead they end up in forum the whole time with false accusations
  7. a video of what? kicking people out of air bsq due to airlock? your guildmates already earned a ban for that but you still keep doing it. relogging in empo? everyone knows it and theres evidence. a video of you cheating in arena? i think you did it too if i remember well. or do you want to play the saint because of the 3 weeks you are clean right now with your new char. your guild abusing jumper in zone? i think theres bunch of evidence aswell. then again, if i read the thread correctly it doesnt focus on bug prevention nor it looks like you want to get every people punished from doing it in future, it looks more like a propaganda against ririth right now since you completely ignore the fact of your guild abusing the same bug. i would advice you to rather write a ticket in this case instead of making a thread against one person trying to get him banned - which wont happen anyways looking at the sheer number of people abusing it - mouafr included. means you would have to ban the half bsq playership retroperspectively. but i understand that counting 1 and 1 together is a bit difficult for some people. hypocrites lmao
  8. man, im glad passione doesnt use ss bug. im also glad they dont abuse relog in empo aswell, dont use jumper/pet bug in zone, they dont put friends in enemies bsq team to manipulate it, they dont try to kick people in bsq 2 by air locking them with lv 1 weapons. glad video 2 also doesnt show tyranno straight up afking. otherwise some people would look like hypocrites.
  9. its a troll topic anyways so no need to take it seriously in first place especially when the thread creator and his crew comes around the corner with 4 accusations of which only one is halfway valid - but only if you look at it isolated and not in a global perspective. then again, im not expecting from the people in question to get their facts straight to begin with even tho it shouldnt take too much effort to compare ninjas ms with archers in pvp or to see that the way transformation works is actually logical and aswell not difficult to counter it. so to everyone who had the impression or expectation that this topic leads to something constructive, you must be pretty naive. especially when you have kratos intervene every 2 posts to brag about being able to lock people with a single skill (im sure he had to practise alot for it so i can halfway understand why hes so proud and wants to mention it every half hour) while everyone is wondering if he instead got a hammer against his head irl. then you have some other people who want to nerf ninja but are actually suggesting buffs or people who jump on kyorumaruz the whole time, trying to point out "flaws" in his arguments instead of pointing out the flaws in the claims of the thread itself but you dont bite the hand which feeds you, huh however was kinda fun while it lasted but at the end you have 1 guy of passione who wants to buff ninja, op who doesnt even know what hes talking about and looking at the wrong numbers, kratos who cant decide whether he should make a post trashing ninja or talking about his hammer and two or three people who are arguing about whos the best ninja. i think topic can be closed, or does kratos want to talk again about his journey of how he connected two neurons to press the same hotkey repeatedly?
  10. there are really not many good ninjas, but its the same with almost every class. show me good savages, commandos, summoner, overlords. maybe you will be lucky to find some good sentinels because its the meta. from all the ninjas in fought on drago france, kyorumaruz is one of the best and actually he worked hard to get to this point. also i think till today people still confuse good gear with being good with a class. zoldyck for example is a good ninja, but i dont understand the hype around him if its not because of his gear. good gear always makes you perform better. if someone with full +25, 4* resi cards and cdmg cards for more hp and full randy scrolls pvp against me, my chances of winning are obviously smaller. no one wants to have fun on pvp anymore, everyone wants to win at all costs in fear to get humiliated. winning with cheap ass gameplay doesnt make you the better player necessarily. especially if its a pvp with 2 different classes, since some classes can play worse than others. but till today people still have the mindset that winning with camping in traps, spamming shootdown or runnig and using stumblebum with range rings means you are good. thats some french thing i will never understand so long story short, i agree that there arent many good ninjas left at the server but its also false to say that theres none. if you want to exclude me from the list then its perhaps only kyo and amy (who doesnt play regulary) who i can think of. and i actually dont even see a reason to include me because i never go pvp for the reasons i mentioned above. tho when i go you will see fratto cheering for me in tradechat and his friends will tell him to shut up. but looking at the topic i have some unexpected fanboys from passione anyways
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjedLeVGcfE
  12. cant wait to put a whole corner asleep. ty passione for the constructive topic, im totally for 100% hypnotizer in exchange for 5% less stun on violentblow. think we came to an agreement, thats a good way to buff .. ehh i mean "nerf" ninja. topic can be closed now 😄
  13. so funny. the suggestions which you guys made are basically buffing ninja. would take 30% violentblow for 100% hit rate with old sleep effect any day, go implement it tomorrow. you can groundlock anyways after sleep hits, who cares if they wake up lol. first you upvote each others posts about how op ninja is, that it needs to be nerfed and then you end up with those suggestion, brilliant. passione is outdribbling themselves. imagine 5% vb nerf for 100% sleep rofl. i would say you guys take a day off and stick to either wanting to nerf or to buff ninja. looks a bit stupid if you guys go in opposite directions after 3 pages. at the other hand it was kinda expected if so many gifted people gather in one thread
  14. kratos even your own guildmates call you bad and im not even trying to insult you, just pointing it out
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