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  1. Tbh i dont understand why you put so much work on new projects which will most likely only earn you complains instead of trying to bring the current game in order. Abyss zone wont save pvp nor improve pvp. Its a mode which doesnt focus on team work or points but on kills. Therefor classes which cant kill easily like Dragoon, Savage, Summoner and perhaps sorcerer will be kinda useless. Then you dont have any fix times like on bsq (every 2h/ 20min). Now we have most of the time 10~ people in bsq. Wondering how many will be in abyssal zone active. New class - we didnt even balance current classes. Personally i dont need any new class. We have 10 classes already to play and can only afford playing 1-2, max 3 because rerolling is so hard. So this doesnt really make sense either ~ and will probably only cause complains balancing wise - class too strong or too weak compared to the others. Factions, kinda interesting idea. But server got other problems atm. I imagine it incredible hard to develop. Before adding smth new which might cause potentially new problems i highly encoursge you to spend time to fix the current problems in leveling, bsw, empo, class balance, market/price balance. - Means: i hope you find free minutes for the really important basic/balance related stuff
  2. Its always been like this. Look abys replies in a topic like "ShOuLd I cReAtE a WeBsItE fOr My GuILd Or NoT?!" and even tivise (well he has nithing to do with drago anymore, but still). And in important topics like this no one really replies. Only mouafr, who, like donald trump, just puts more oil in the fire with his unqualified replies. And it doesnt help at all when he speaks in the staffs name, giving the staff a weird image - but then saying "nonono i have no power in the staff, im a normal player". Yes, exactly. You have no power and you dont make the decissions. So shut up and get the fuck outta here. No one asked you for your opinion and dont act like you know or have to do anything with staffs time management or list of priorities. As you said yourself you are just a player. So dont answer questions you have nothing to do with
  3. Just tell mouafr to stfu once he relpies
  4. can anyone explain me why that idiot is talking about slot 2 non stop?
  5. Server needs to get rid of incompetent people like him
  6. Mouafr just reads not carefully enough. He went full retard mode and plugged his brain off again
  7. Fuck attack speed. And halving the medals is perhaps still too much. 35pese, 30pome, 25 vasio and 20 avenio would stll be good. Anyways thats by far not enough for a "good start". We need changes with more impact to make the game and alruwman more active
  8. Stop, thats too much logic for mouafr with his small brain
  9. wall of text in french not worth to read. out of my friendlist so many people did quit, all with the same reason: alruwman sucks, takes too long. want to play another class but rerolling is almost impossible. and from what i see ingame no one really wants to play the dungeon either. otherwise you would find more parties for it. so doesnt matter what kind of fairy tales you invent. the numbers and facts are speaking against you.
  10. Problem is staff tried to shadow nerf x spam classes by putting more and more hp on the monster. Sure this works out at one point for a while. But game becomes clearly less fun for all classes. They should have went back stats to the roots stat wise and do what i have told them from the beginning. Thats way more easy and less time consuming than doing it wrong and fixing it aftereards.
  11. Well, monster were better grouped, had less hp. But also invoker and summoner had way less atk speed/ movementspeed. On this server they added atk speed to the sets as set effect. Custom. Original gde/pos sets never had atk speed for mages. And also for the pve power buffs this server keeps adding atk speed and movementspeed to some classes. Why? I think it also adds movementsleed to Ninja. Why do we even have to add movementspeed at all in pve? At some point we dont need to wonder if Invoker does Gold dungeon in 2:30 and other classes need 5minutes. Or if summoner kills all bosses with insane speed. Also funny how mouafr kept buffing commando solely for alruwman even tho it was top 3 already in gde, skies path, celeste and isoris dungeon. Now you buffed grenade, particle canon, it has the second best ulti skill. Nuclear bomb got a huge buff. Like wtf. You ruin balance even more in 90% of the game because you wanted to make alruwman high hp monster not packed.
  12. Well, its a misconcept of alruwman imo. Call me biased but look at lv 12 kunkah. Look at hookah, look at artiy. Imo all classes are pretty equal. Same with Ryvius or Aram. Doesnt really matter if i did the dungeon solo or in group. I never felt like one class is better than the other. Also if you go to the "later dungeons" like bone dragon. Doesnt matter if group or solo. Never had the feeling of one class being too strong or too weak. Dont really know what you guys did wrong to fuck up alruwman, celeste and isoris. Probably: too much atk speed too much htl on the monster miscalculated pve power buffs aswell as weapon atk stats.
  13. tbh both is important. heavenly set runs for the people going for the alruwman set grind. but full alruwman set runs for those people who go for the reroll grind and wanna farm orbes for their alt char.
  14. Exactly. You cant even do balance in groups. Who says how the group looks like and which classes are in it or how many of one class. You can only do balance in solo/solo, duo/solo, 4player/solo. All we or staff can do is decide in which of those modes classes should be balanced. And what mouafr always says "one guy pushes and the other one kills" is also bullshit. In an endgame party everyone clears his own part of the map. You are way slower if 4 prople focus the same 20 monster. So this kind of "teamwork" balance doesnt exist later on.
  15. it gives examples and impressions about clear times with endgame character and is therefor pretty informative. the people who recorded these runs like @didure can add there stats here to give a better impression. tbh the thread offers already more than you or the staff offered in the last 8months and i think its going in the right direction. go provide duo videos and i will add them. or make a new thread for it if you miss them ;)))))))
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