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  1. the demand of a "fast x" option is justified as long as other player are using macros to rapidly spam the x button. you are free to be actively against a "fast x" option, but then you should also be actively against any sort of (x spam)-macro - instead of telling people how easy they are to set up on forum. just asking myself why forcing people into going the extra route of using autohotkey or keyboard macro, instead of simply adding it to the game, while giving everyone the opportunity to have the same advantage as others. would even things out, no? and whilst i would hate to see people spam x inbetween every stun in pvp, it would be naive to think that no one does it already with macros. if few people have access to it, all should have access to it - and decide themselves whether to use it or not.
  2. what the fk did you just say to me
  3. Dragoon: • Cross Cut, Hammers (all type), Cut Down and Blow => add Attack Speed Scale • Dragon Dive => add 250 % ATK - 7s cd • Pressure => add 250 % ATK - 5s cd • Hammer => add 200 % ATK - 4s cd - Range increase by 20 % • Spearjab => add 4s cd • Cross Cut => add 5s cd • Aerial Smackdown => add 180 % ATK - 3s cd • Cut Down => add 150 % ATK - 3s cd - Range increase by 25 % • Mega Storm Blade => add 300 % ATK - 4s cd • Offensive Aura => increase to 20 % • Time Reverse => reduce to 1s cd and add +50 Movement Speed (Flat) as a second usefull buff Ninja: • Cut Down => add 120 % ATK - remove Knockdown + Knockup • Somersault Kick => add 180 % ATK - remove Knockdown + Knockup • Poison Crasher => change to 25 % Movement Speed - 15 % ATK Speed - 10 % Final Crit Rate (Lv. 5 => Only for PVE / Banned for BSQ/PVP) • April Pool => Range increased by 200 % - Duration decrease to 3 sec (Lv. 5 only for PVE / Banned for BSQ/PVP) • Ambush => Range increase by 30 % - remove Lethal Effect • Violent Bow => Range increase by 100 % - add ATK Speed Scale • Swift => Range increase by 35 % - 2s cd - 20 targets - add ATK Speed Scale • Burrow => 4s cd - Duration decrease to 1.5s • Gimlet => add 600 % ATK • Dagger => 4s cd - remove Lethal Effect • Ninja Form => remove Lethal Effect • Shadow Leap => remove Lethal Effect • Perfect Strike => 2s cd - add 150 % ATK - added ATK Speed Scale - added Lethal Effect • Devil Storm Dart => remove Knockdown + Knockup - add Lethal Effect - 3s cd • Wood Rush => 30s cd - 0.2 Cast Time • Cherry Blossom => 4s cd - add 20 % ATK - remove Knockdown + Knockup - add Lethal Effect (Online Time 1.8 sec) • Leaf Fall => 4s cd - add 150 % ATK - Range increased by 80 % • Mist Vanish => 16s cd - add 240 % ATK - add Superarmor - remove Knockdown + Knockup • Sky Penetration => Range increase by 50 % - add 150 % ATK (maxed at Lv. 6) • Lethal Lv. 2 => add 50 % Critical Damage • Lethal Lv. 3 => add 10 % Final Crit Rate • Protect Edge => not able to attack mobs anymore - add Buff to absorb 20 % Damage - increase Duration to 18 min - 30s cd - useable in transform • Cross Blades => 0.1 Cast Time - add 250 % ATK - remove Push Effect (Lv. 5 for PVE, Lv. 4 for PvP) • Storm Stepping => 18 min onlinetime
  4. Turpin

    Equi pvp

    dont understand either why 1. reviving this "old" thread when theres the official thread from the staff and 2. why keep adding new suggestions instead of arguing about the basic ones
  5. well, lets face it - pvp scene without people like raffy is doomed anyways. and im not talking about what he says in forum, because i mostly disagree with him there, but more about the impact and influence he has ingame like playing to have fun, doing low level pvp/bsq, spreading positivity and so on. the pvp scene right now is mostly about drama and having the better gear. if people with positive influence wont come back, it will only go down hill and without good rolemodels "new player" (if there are any) will just become like the current player. and if staff doesnt care about it they will have to deal with even more idiots in the future coz those are the ones who will stay and keep playing
  6. for those who wanted a dps test - i think the estimated dps based on this video is around~ sentinel: 50k invoker (chaincombo off): 34k - based on 1.31 - 1.38 in the video (6.5sec~) so with the wanted nerf for sentinel (-20%) it would be kinda close to the dps of invoker in tank build
  7. 9:1 is also common at some other classes aswell but the sorcerer shown in the video also wears isoris wings which have higher resi and lower def if i recall right - and perhaps also resi earrings. so this is probably the worst case scenario - and using tank build on the invo aswell, ye. so imo 25% (with tank gear) per combo on a 600khp+ sorcerer which has higher resi and hp than most of the other classes, isnt too bad. at least im not shocked and we seem to be far away from the 6 combos people talked about.
  8. idk why we always blame people for testing damage by combo when the dps tests are not less flawed. like do we do a 3sec dps test, 5sec, 10sec, 15sec? depending on the duration you will have a different ranking. then again enemy in normal status, frozen/imper, with/without trying to escape? i remember me having to do dps test on beta server where i had to spam aerial frenzy on ninja class in a loop for 10seconds like if that would be a realistic scenario. at the end of the day you can find arguments for everything, still a correct "dps" test would basically be something like a combo test for most of the classes which rely on skills to deal damage. at least for ninja/overlord there wouldnt be much difference between a 5sec "do as much damage as you can" and a combo test. the damage would be almost the same because the normal bread and butter combo is barely longer than 5sec and kinda optimised in damage. for sentinel there wouldnt be much difference between the total 10sec dps damage and the damage of a full combo, it would be almost the same. but if you put overlord on a 10sec dps test instead of 5sec its average dps will differ completely. so how many seconds do you choose? at the end of the day one class will always perform better or worse in its average dps depending on how long the timer is and depending on the enemies state frozen/imper - or not. no matter which test you do, it will always be unfair and at the end its up to interpretation of how much a class should deal with 1 combo or within 3, 5, 10 seconds. even if we do dps tests and even if we agree to spamming a non frozen/imper target for 5 seconds is fair for all classes, what does that mean in the end. we got a "test result", now whos gonna decide how much a goon shall deal per second, how much the other classes? shall everyone have the same dps on unfrozen or frozen target? who shall be the person to make those decissions? how do we even agree to a testing scenario, how do we interpret the numbers? _ at polemos at the other hand it was fairly simple. the staff defined what the max combo is for every class (using every skill once if possible) and adjusted the damage around 32% per combo. invoker and DK less because they are op with catching, sorcerer more because its harder to catch. sounds easier to me than "dps" tests. at the end of the day a combo test is some sort of dps test. but dps tests arent always based on combos
  9. first at all, thank you for doing a video. i watched it on phone right now and im going to rewarch it on pc later. tho, im not "too surprised" with the result because i think you play vs a sorcerer in 9:1 ele resi, with isoris wings i think?- sorcerer has also high magical defence i guess tho it probably can be ignored anyways since invos dmg is 95% about ele. but how much did you deal, 20-25%? in worst case scenario i guess? would be nice to see the damage in 7:3 or 9:1 resi/atk vs any other class like DK with no isoris wings. if its only a problem vs sorcerer in room pvp i dont think that its that bad. because invo vs sorcerer is free anyways - best catcher vs worst catcher. other classes should be like 2 catches vs commando in cr cards i guess? and for others in cdmg like 3? but i will watch it again on pc and edit the message accordingly if something changes.
  10. well, everything is based on assumptions and bo one can tell the outcome for sure - but for me its strictly false to say that this and that will happen and that the live server gets damaged by it - when we have the evidence that both polemos server died because of the live server (that people are more pve than pvp) and not vice versa. the way i imagine it would be that polemos gets permanently implemented in the live server - like an extra mode which you can choose with your real ingame char. no secondary client/ server/ account. kinda similar to enter the normal pvp room or an extra switch in normal pvp room which gives you polemos stats/skills. it would be a great thing for pvp for sure and i kinda still see people farming to be able to participate in bsq aswell - in the long term
  11. dont think so. even in long term and without time limitations and restrictions it could work. it gives beginner a mode to test themselves with others. time limitation would only make sense for the matchmaking feature/ ranked mode aka every weekend during 5pm for example. at the end of the day 1v1 is called dead anyways and bsq remains active, so why bother about a polemos like mode. if only a few use it, cool you lost nothing. if many people use it cool, you sparked life into room pvp. bsq will still happen regardless and rivalry will always be around. if geared player lose in polemos they will say balance is unfair/worse to live server and will trigger polemos player into challanging them on the live server (normal pvp) aswell. i dont see anyone whos around alruwman gear not farming the new content in future. only thing i could imagine is that few people with a brain wouldnt spend gold and time to craft 1v1 gear with station belt and cdmg sockets. other than that theres absolutely no threat i could picture. as said, people who refused to play on drago france wont play there anyways - maybe now they would have a reason to. at worst no one wants to play polemos and the mode is deserted, but thats not really a problem either. its kinda the same with metro dungeon and abyssal zone which dont get used in that extend.
  12. Turpin

    erreur au lancement

    did you try to contact yoursite@yoursite.com?
  13. it is dangerous for new server without a doubt. but i think a server like drago france which has an old established playerbase and community wont be harmed by such a mode. in fact drago france (out of my perspective) has a small problem to recruit new player (at least non-french player) and i would totally understand the argument that something like this would get alot of recognition around the servers and that it would bring us new player who would get caught up in rivalry and start farming for real gear eventually - while continuing to have fun in a polemos like mode with friends until they reach the endgame.
  14. rewards are totally silly. autogear/ polemos could work because BSQ will still remain the main mode for pvp activity and still requires gear. and most people would probably refuse to play 1v1 with auto gear because they would lose their gear/advantage. in fact i could even see that an auto gear mode encourages people from other server to come to this one - and when they like it theres a possibility that they will stay and farm for real gear. whatever i dont think anyone can predict the outcome of this, it can go both ways. at the end of the day i dont really see how it would harm the server. i doubt people (current player) would leave because if it, at best you get new player, at worst those new player leave one day. but quite quite a few would be happy to do balanced pvp anyways and to try out classes
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