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  1. i see. well at the end how much sense does it make to add an op item which costs huge amount of gold, with the intention to burn gold, when most people will farm the required gold anyways - then you wont burn 0 gold. how does gold burning work, does it even work and can you apply it to a "buy it one time" item?
  2. i would argue that its not about farming per se, its about the concept and whether it is reasonable or not. you too said that this weapon should be affordable for the vast majority and not only for the top 5% of the server. now idk if the staff picked those huge amount of golds for requirement and the rng factor in order to burn gold - but in my opinion the concepts to burn gold, here on this server, have never been really thoughtful. whether it are the new halloween weapons or socket card extracting. offtopic: at the end of the day we could limit the access to gold dungeon like the devs before did it with element dungeon or zodiac dungeon - or we could transfer some other items to npc (e.g. yellow insurance scroll for xxx gold). clearly the original way to farm them isnt working, thats why staff has to put a farm event at least twice a year to counter the price increase in market by few player who monopolize it. just as an idea to regulate the gold inflation, since purchasing items at npc burns gold. anyways back to the initial topic - saying it "just" takes 30-40 hours to farm doesnt mean much. 30-40 hours is already alot in itself, but which clear times do you take as reference? i would argue the average player needs 5minutes to clear gold dungeon. i think its not fair to take the 2-3min speedrunner as a reference. anyways, that are my 2 cents on this topic
  3. well, whats concerning about the new items is: the price, the rng, the stats (and that it impacts the pvp). i was already against the macaron set and against the randy scrolls, however the stats, price and impact in pvp was significantly lower than now. in pve we also have soulcraft expansion which costs million of golds and can be reviewed as unfair, but at least it doesnt really impact the pvp and is more expensive than useful. other than that, player arent really forced to get it. the jump from the current IM weap to this one however seems pretty big and having in mind that we have the big update at the end of the year - i honestly dont really see a need to pump out such farm and gold expensive items right now. i understand the argument that you want to give the player something so they dont get bored, but i rather expect this kind of content when you dont have anything else to offer - but you guys actually have the big update and new content. so yea, im a bit confused and imo some cool halloween balloons or farmable costumes (maybe different colored ghost buster sets) paired with a cool dungeon would have sealed the deal aswell and would have kept the player busy. at the end of the day theres always the possibility of adding items which give a bit more success rate of enchant or soulcrafting if you dont have anything else to offer. from my experience this stuff is always very welcomed. maybe im exaggerating but it feels like this server has a big elephant in its room and no one really talks about it. if staff and player want to work together then have an open dialogue and work on solutions. in fact we should work together and not against each other. after all maybe we should indeed go home to the basics and surprise the playership with the kind of amazing content this server was known for and maybe we need a little bit qlf and tivise again - to spice things up and to not fall asleep while doomsday and passione are bashing each other
  4. dude its 80% the same and even with those weapons you dont neccesserily leave with nothing but still with 1* - 2*. and with randy scrolls you have the same issue that if you are unlucky you are going to spend millions for having the stats you didnt even want. as far i know theres no gurantee to get cdmg or cr. note in many cases cr is useless aswell for those pve'er who have already 100%. shoutouts to the dk from adrenaline who had to reroll from full cr to full cdmg randy stats being already 2m gold in so you have a 1/7 chance i guess, to get the stat you want - considering that all stats have the same chance to appear. also no one forces you to take your x2 expanded weapon for it, at worst u take a new weapon, upgrade it and continue using ur old weapon till you reach the 3* one. and maybe staff adds a feature to transfer sc expansion like enchantments at npc midas. agi/der/touch is only a problem because this weapon is event exclusive to farm - other than that its the same concept as with every new item. the one who gets it first is going to profit the longest from it. at the end of the day you should stop wasting ur time to argue about whether it is like randy scrolls or not (even tho its rly the samee as randy scrolls) and instead propose suggestions for a change i guess? stop being so obsessed with everything i say, when in general we agree that we dont rly like the update. at the other hand i didnt do my math and didnt try it out yet so everything i say are assumptions - concerning the difficulty of obtaining the weapon
  5. ofc its the same concept. you upgrade an existing item and the materials are event farm exclusive. its rng and rather expensive. at the end you come out (way) stronger than before. its the same concept just more extreme this time
  6. idk, its just a bit ironic to see people from last year who hardcore defended the randy scroll with the argument that dragonica after all is a farming game and who complained having nothing to do and nothing to optimize - now in this thread being upset about the weapon. or some people who wrote in last weeks patch notes that they are happy that staff doesnt waste time with pvp balance anymore and that they like the direction the server is heading in. to be fair, if you were for the randy scrolls you shouldnt be now against this update since its the same concept, just more expensive. after all, if i stop trolling, both this here and randy scrolls were bad and shouldnt rly have existed in first place. it reminds me of powercreeping and i wonder how new player ever should reach endgame when even endgame people have problems to maintain their stuff and being up to date. not to mention the dilemma when you try to have 2chars at endgame level. after all i dont want to be toxic, i didnt tested it yet and i dont play the game so i shouldnt have the right to give an opinion anyways. as an advice, just be lucky with upgrading, have fun farming and happy halloween :^)
  7. on the discord i heard that it will take like 600k, tbh that isnt too much. randy scrolls last year had around the same price in total
  8. looks like halloween events increase the stat limits each year
  9. now i didnt understand anything but it's okay i guess. no need to debate
  10. huh, am i missing something? if you talk about the timer function, its basically the definition of pure flex in pve - like mouafr said - and on top of that totally unrealistic considering that people use abyssal and perhaps other buffs. not saying its no good function, just that the function barely has any real use yet - beside flexing
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