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  1. thanks to some people no one plays fury anyways anymore. so we shouldnt invest too much effort into trying to fix a dead class
  2. mouafr: complaining about offtopic also mouafr: asking people if they have optimized char, talking about red fox delta, complaining about invoker, insulting (and thats only from the first and last sentence i read)
  3. always whining and crying about invoker 24/7
  4. you know i only read the first and the last sentence of your essays, so add smth to them thats worth to reply to beside calling me a very young spoiled brat, old man
  5. yes, equal stats make no sense, and? still you try to defend a flawed dungeon even tho a rework is already announced. the dungeon has 3 big areas which is like 50% of the dungeon. i dont think that are minor issues. weird that you, who did bsq balance, only plays the game for pve. kinda contradicting, no? you must be the only one to enjoy gold dungeon and alruwman alot. but well, you were the one who "balanced" those dungeons - so its nice to see that you atleast play one of the things you ruined for others. no i dont have a maxed character yet. got few million golds but not sure where to spend it on since all classes feel pretty boring atm. idk what that has to do with the topic tho? another offtopic BS maybe? you can give me some gold tho if you want to see my characters maxed. sponsored by mouafr
  6. im amazed that you are talking that much even tho you quit the game 😼
  7. everyone: gold dungeon is bad designed, not rly enjoyable, bad structured tivise: i agree, but it wasnt supposed to be a dungeon. it was a town mouafr: 3 forum pages and 1 thesis about why gold dungeon is good and why elga sucks lil kiddo takes the opposite opinion no matter how stupid it is
  8. fixed stats for the main farming dungeon is pretty much bullshit and goes against everything an mmorpg is about
  9. at best make a dungeon without monster. set movementspeed all the same. so everyone has to walk from point a to point b. the duration of the dungeon depends on the length on the map. resut: totally balanced dungeon, every class needs the same time. kappalapapp
  10. well, anyways all i know is that you guys should do smth for non-french speaking player, since they have alot harder time to connect to the majority of the community and to find parties. call it crying 24/7 and only complaining like mouafr does - but i actually get more pms of player asking me how to get stuff done on this server than you might think. whether its how to obtain gold on low level, how to beat galaxy on this server. the big jump at level 70 onwards where you suddenly get oneshotted by everything. these are problems people are complaining on for years. and its actually incredible how many english player we lost because of this. so yea, it wouldnt surprise me if people do as mouafr said. and if you really think i'm the only one who complains, i'm not. i'm perhaps the only one who cares and who speaks about it on forum. we lost coolsam as a player and many more. paris tested this server aswell and surprisingly noticed the same flaws i saw. it's just that nobody takes us serious. this has nothing to do with channel selection, but i hope you guys will think about how to get english player back and listen to some of the complains we point out for 2 years already. sadly and i dont know how to put it in different words - we lost the trust - of a big part of the english community. and by being stubborn we lost the opportunity to bind hundreds of english player to the server 3 years ago. now we have a handful of english player and those lose the fun aswell in a server which is 95% french. show me one english guild, there is none anymore. this server is great in many aspects, but i find it sad to see that a "european" is 95% (perhaps more) french. --- new content is all cool and fine but actually it will perhaps scare away even more player. people already call drago france the server of endless farming. and its hard to have fun in bsq if you dont have an alruwman set with 10* cards +25. so if you are lv 91 with heavenly set you will enter the same bsq as alruwman guys and get oneshotted for a half year till you have alruwman set aswell. but most people quit already at lv 70 because they find no one to do galaxy with because they get oneshotted or stations or they get oneshotted in skies path
  11. nice, another offtopic post of you crying 24/7. not bad
  12. 50/50 chance. either he agrees or he writes smth stupid. but actually he knows what a good and what a bad dungeon is unlike some other people here. like u for example and yea you dont need 3 people to push in red fox with xw and spam monster with 90million hp for half an hour like in alruwman, or 300monster everywhere like in gold dungeon i guess thats what makes it good
  13. thats your uneducated, subjective opinion. only 100% offtopic bs and whining about original dragonica content like usual. objectively speaking red fox is a great dungeon with interesting mechanics like the monster spawn machine, cool cutscenes, amazing rewards and quest line. linear maps with some traps and interesting bossroom. good dungeon to speedrun like lavalon. @DarkRaffy am i right?
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