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  1. Wow, I agree with tiarra for once. 200 vdm fury m d r.
  2. My post says block/remove these skills to balance for polemos and you call me the troll? grow up
  3. moufr comparing world famine to balancing dragonica, amazing.
  4. I told you what to do and you still make bogus excuses, amazing.
  5. You should replace moufr on the balance team E: your summoner suggestions sound abit op tho lol
  6. They clearly don't know what any of the drakan skills do so they'd rather not deal with it, for sure in agreement there.
  7. ovelord is broken 1v1, they know this and want to keep their advantage, balance team is really bias.
  8. I am better than you, address your elder with respect. Thanks.
  9. 4/4 twins don't like your changes, it's not too late drago eu staff to fire your balance team.... especially the guy above
  10. Why? A pure pvp and showy class not included in a PVP server is a tragedy. Skills to remove (BLOCK) - at light speed, ghost fighter/assailant, power weave/definite defence, ring from hell, -300 vdm/ms/vda for unfused state (no incentive to use double OR just make it illegal to unfuse lol) If all of this is done, I can see no reason why anyone would complain after I 5-0 them.
  11. So we are in agreement, bring back assailant, give furie an MS lead on other classes and give us the VDA back or compensation. Ignore moufr most people do that nowadays. I agree with the DDL and tesla coil nerfs but the balance team wants to protect their classes so good luck.
  12. Hope this patch - re-enables at light speed/power fist and removes the ghost fighter ban. (maybe revert everything too)
  13. Didn't read but you're very dishonest, you won't get anywhere in life like this
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