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  1. I agree with century, the furie changes made ZERO sense - seems like you are changing things for the sake of change and not because its actually needed.
  2. IppoKO

    Equi pvp

    Volti is fine and doesn't need buffs
  3. > Full tank build (45% tcc and 1500 dcc lol) âś“ > Can't combo properly âś“ > Testing combo dmg not dps âś“ > Carrying out the test Vs a 9:1 ele resi arca whilst knowing oracle is heavily countered by resist compared to other classes. âś“ > Comparing your combo dmg to a dps senti, a class that does too much dmg âś“ > Not escaping Nathy's 'combo' âś“ Yes buff oracle. /s
  4. I don't think having resist in gloves and shoes should be allowed, I don't know if its possible to reverse this in players that have already socketed resist cards in their gear but I think in the upcoming update/expansion, this should not be allowed. Share your thoughts, I probably still won't be changing my mind on this.
  5. I didn't say 'no sorc go dps/tank'. I said they don't go dps/aim. 9:1 refers to elemental resist:elemental atk, this is simple math lol. Dynasto said the nerf will heavily impact aim/dps arca, this is a bullshit point because no one builds that way. I was not referring to the video, I was referring to his statement/excuse/reasoning and I was not implying anything, do you now understand? E: I don't really care for Dynasto's video/test, I don't need a video to tell me mana shield removal will heavily impact arca's tankyness. My issue was with his excuse/attempt to dampen the nerf with a strawman argument lol.
  6. Do you not understand English? Reread what I wrote, you're confused. E: You look really stupid here not gonna lie.
  7. Dumb point, no arca plays in aim/dps, the only person I can think of is ririth. You don't care about these 'aim/dps' arcas because they simply don't exist. Everyone can see through this fake empathy of yours lmao. Literally every arca is full tank 9:1, I'd respect you more if you just said the truth which is, you don't want your class nerfed, justifiably nerfed might I add. E: also btw you're very stupid for mentioning me because archer was the first one to post the picture of me 5-0ing wyla, why didn't you include his name? Hopefully people realise that you'd stupid crystoz and to ignore most of your garbage points! Cheers.
  8. You're a little slow in the head so I'll help explain why this is the case. In economics you have the term opportunity cost, the cost of the next best alternative which is forgone when a choice is made (this means when a choice to allocate resources is made an alternative option is lost, e.g. if I spend all my money on ice cream, I have nothing left to spend on cake). In dragonica pvp, the most popular aspect is arena. What class is better in group/arena, arca or invo? the answer is simply, arca. By understanding the above you can see why arcas are so much more popular than their invo counterpart, by making an invo for pvp you waste resources that could be better spent on an arca. Also additionally, some invos have also swapped to arca and this is partially due to how braindead and easy both classes are to play so they feel right at home on arca. For example, you. Also ez 5-0, don't try compare to me with your group pvp screenshot from 2 years ago kid esp when progen carried you.
  10. I have a pvp OL/destroyer and agree with OL nerfs! E: this isnt a joke, I have a pvp OL lol
  11. wow I agree with Tiarra for once wtf (DONT DO THE ORACLE CHANGES PLS LMAO)
  12. A bit ironic from you of all people lol
  13. I would be removing the ability to hit on the ground. Again, its only a suggestion, either that or give it a cast time.
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