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  1. IppoKO


    Non-fury players dictating fury balance and no wonder all furies have left this server XD. PVP in this server is dead anyways do what you want lol. @ Tiarra If you had half a brain you would know fury requires high MS due to the hitboxes on every skill only extending slightly forwards, fury doesn't have skills like gust slash hence why a fury has to be standing on top of you to catch. Ahria recognized this aswell but since you're a imbecile I don't blame you, you're welcome for the free education dumb ass player. E: btw what are your qualifications to make sure a statement tiarra? You explicitly said it yourself, you don't pvp furies and you don't play the class, so I'm asking, where does your big mouth come from?
  2. IppoKO

    nerf ninja?

    I'm sure not even Tiarra reads what mouft types
  3. IppoKO


    stupid suggestion btw, needed to add that the whole list highlights your lack of IQ.
  4. IppoKO

    nerf ninja?

    No way kyo is bodying these fools 2v1 E: tiarra's argument: list all your spells and call them op
  5. IppoKO

    nerf ninja?

    overlord/destru lovely balanced class, faster than ninja too as it should be
  6. can you make a popularity list too, for comparison would be 'interesting' if the most popular classes were the most op....
  7. I can not disagree, accurate. But it depends, if you stack DK on a team they rise a tier up.
  8. IppoKO


    You're done bozo
  9. IppoKO


    Now you look even more special / confused / bias. The mentally of 99% of french pvp players here. You have a strong opinion on a class you have never played or PVP'd against. Bravo, you have really outdone yourself this time. E: mods don't delete this one, its important as it highlights the mentality of many 'pvp' players here.
  10. IppoKO


    Why does he use destru in arena and not fury? when was the last time you saw fury in arena? You're dumb and represent 99% of the french pvp community and that's why this pvp scene is dead / stale, just say you are bad and got 5-0'd by me and every other furie little boy. E: ah you are gadstu? that explains why you are so mad, can't get over losing to wonder? I guess savage is op too
  11. IppoKO


    yes, a dead class that no one plays in pvp is op, okay random /s
  12. IppoKO


    I agree the pvp maj was a big disaster, vda on isoris bottom? XD revert and start again. A lot of my friends agree that maj made them stop playing the game. p.s. you guys say too much was changed at once but where were you guys when they took fury into an alley and blew their brains out?
  13. Thanks for the PVP furie bug fixes. Next step is pvp furie buffs
  14. Wow, I agree with tiarra for once. 200 vdm fury m d r.
  15. My post says block/remove these skills to balance for polemos and you call me the troll? grow up
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