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  1. Nan mais "le topic" il est pas clair ... c est entre confusion et melange (avec une grosse dose de hors sujet successif (et toujours les memes individus, avec toujours les meme HS)) Le fait est que quelques soit le sujet, la majorité sont des "analyses un peu trop naive on va dire" (genre plus de PO = plus d inflation, alors que nope, puisque le prix des choses suit l augmentation de l acquisition) ... et pour le reste c est souvent des gens se plaignaient de "pas y arriver", ou "d ecart de stuff" (dont ils ne se rendent pas compte) Avec bien entendu quelques points effectivement "negatif" ... mais qui ne meritent absolument pas tout le tapage qu on fait dessus. (d autant qu a terme ca changerait rien, que le donjon ai ou non kk salle trop grande par exemple, ou cb de PO/heure on fait (alors que les prix s y adaptent) etc...) Ps: et ca d autant plus que le seul point de complainte qui tient vaguement la route = les 2 dernières salles, mais que le staff a deja dit bosser dessus ... donc repeter encore et encore, ou faire comme si c etait la fin du monde ... aled quoi.
  2. Still there "looking for trouble" ... People tend to farm what they need ... not the intermediate to get it.... beside the only "infinite" thing people want = expand scroll ... which is more or less not available (way more people that want them than people that sell them --- which is also why their price keep rising and rising >>> anyway usually if you want scrolls, you gotta farm them) In addition most people simply do not farm, they make money from daily on several character ... or as side effect of their play (rush people; selling PDC stones; Alru/Iso etc....) Which are mostly paid by "past gold" moving around ... (or simply have enough money liying around ... beside you yourself said you have "a few million gold" , so of course you wouldn't go farm more ... how dumb would that be; I have million, lets get some more, specifically the currency that has no use on itself xd)) Beside, if your "argument" would be "no one do it because no one like it" ... then what about element donjon? or metro city for lvl 6-8 cards? (not to mention lvl4-5 cards ixdé) > And some of those are way older, and way more "wanted" than "gold farm" (namely element cards)... so sound pretty "weak" as an "argument" (I wouldn't even call it that) ------------------------------------- tbh simply because it is a natural balance ... if too many people farm "gold", then gold itself decrease its values (items price increases in number) ... and if we have too much gold in stock already, what farming more would achieve ? (just like anything, you wont farm exco orbs is you have hundred/thousant, and so on ... and all that regardless of the farm potential "issues" Regardless, whether we need 3:00 ... 3:15... or 2:45 ... it won't make much of a difference anyway (likewise if gold amount per run were to change) And if it is to argue the "confort" of the farm, well there are plenty other thing that would be as (if not more) beneficial ... whether it is buff duration, cast, CD.. global MS (not the classe that have way above 400 with barely any gear but the rest (including newer player perspective) ... single target insane gap (which isn't only for Alru/Iso boss ... even in gold dungeon for instance ... it is quite present, even if "150m end up being rather ez after enough gear" --- especially as part of this topic suposedly talk about newer player ... go see how a new player Savage, Overlord, Sorceror etc... handle the "very small" 150m HP) .... and so on ... (including "job" donjon... and needing to get out...) and the list goes on, including other things like "lack of end game" (for people that already have the last gear --- e.g. ranking/challenge of some sort E.g. no matter the "attack angle" , gold dungeon isn't that bad, especially as stuff already mentioned working on it --- thus "exageration are to be avoided even more". ------------------------------------- Ps: And if we were to be 100% honest, the 30s faster of invoker is far more "balance issue" then whether the last 2 room make every player "waste" a bit of time. Yet, lot of people complaining here would dare to say a work about Invoker (or perhaps are themselves pushing for no chance there whatsoever ... to keep the class advantage) ... and again, would that be a class that is #1 nowhere else ... but nope, it is the same classe #1 on every low HP content --- for other 10 years. Note: yet I still think even Invoker isn't that big of an issue, things should be made to alleviate the inconsistencies (for instance, why double shot hit harder combo off than on?) ... but for the most part things are fine, at least way better than some shameless people dare to dramatise.
  3. Where the hell is saying "don't exagerate" defending it? I even litteraly acknowledged the 2 last room being a "problem" ... you are just so high in your fantasies that you cannot even look at what I'm actually saying ... (and the proof is from yourself on your own as you don't reply to any of the other stuff --- as in whether the "rest" of the dungeon would be an issue >> meaning it isn't ... or the very fact that whether we make 15k/hour, or 20k/hour or whatever, in the end it changes nothing (price adapt, and we still pay the same "times" more or less) ... or even that EVERY content will have a "worst part" no matter what ... and "like" being relative to the context, there will always be a "prefered" part, and a "worst" part no matter what) > Look CDC, 47 maps is hater by the vast majority, and CDC is far older that gold dungeon ... yet it is still unchanged (and gold dungeon might get reworked from whiner making a lot of noise, but they will just complain about something else next ... so quite pointless (and it take a long time probably because the staff isn't that convinced of the benefit of a change ... thus not their priority --- just something parallel to others) And there is only 2 "big area" (the "3rd one" is 2 lines, with the ability for player to go from one too the other freely ... and sure if you are too narrow minded to find "how to avoid" one skeleton to go down a lane after you did it, that can be an issue, but that is not the map, but the player ... just do it properly, and no issue whatever. Beside, you are missing the point (and I'm pretty sure willingly so as you only care about conflict, not what the conflict would be about), even with or without the "big rooms" ... that won't change much in the end ... they might adjust gold per run (or not) ... we might end up doing a little more per hour (I sure hope we don't do less per hour, as that would multiply money that people already have --- and people tend to complain about "reduction", silly psychologie thingy but still...) And that's it ... and above that ... well Abys already mentioned working on it dozens of times ... so what the point of drama-ing (especially to the extent some people do?) >> none, just people that are used to complaining, and cannot stop for the live of them. (just like you ALWAYS seek conflict between us ... and as presiously stated, EVEN in situation where our reply align at the context of the moment (e.g. fixed gear or not)) ---------------------------- And you go offtopic again ... + putting on my back the "BSQ balance" ... while it is NOT from me at all, I've said that numerous time, but you need an enemy else you don't know what to do with your time, that's plain pathetic. (not to mention, it isn't complete, it even lack the main aspect: DPS, and especailly the element part ... even more so on the X-spam classes (and AA)) (Not to mention the main "BSQ balance" is from players ... behaviour, goal, call it what you want ... with the main issue being people more interested in "win" than anything else ... cross that, in "trash talking" the looser above even winning itself (often going to the extend of trash talking someone forloosing to someone else ... meaning while they themselves can't win)) > And don't miss the point ... the issue isn't whehter X win vs Y or vice versa.... but the very fact that the goal is to harass people ---- and then complain about "no one want to play I don't understand why" .... like a clown xd ... anyway...) ---------------------------- ... and then trying to attack me on "gold dungeon balance" ,huh ... well: - 1st I didn't balance it at all ... after "3m" HP was chosen (by everyone involved, and by the staff themselves --- you do realise they still know "a bit of the game" don't you? xd) ... we realised it was "balanced enough (all people involved, staff, tester .. whether you want to pin everything on me, and simplify things as staff would blindly follow player orders or some craps .... which is all the more BS as you yourself were in the beta team at some point --- so if you are that good, and if staff follow every bit said by players, wth is the game not perfect then? ... hell why did you even "leave"? ... again even in your BS drama, (if we were to assume your BS was true) ... that still fall short of any sense --- hence the "BS" qualification) - Secondly ... tell me what is "better balanced" before that? Isoris? CDC? Arcadia? Galaxia? ... and I'm happy for you to even take example out of your beloved DS ... (let me guess you won't even reply to that, as you simply cannot ... well gold dungeon has its issues ... it still has a better balance than most other thing in this server and other server as well) >> Perfect balance does not exist --- gold dungeon balance is pretty good (especially if Invoker is put aside ... but even with Invoker it is like 20-25% time gap between #1 and #10 , that's FAR FAR FAR better than most of the game (all server combined) ...) (and Alru is even better balanced, but that is mostly as it is easier to balance 4-man party than solo ... for quite obvious reason of variance) Want to compared CDC balance? Isoris (even the reworked version as ST didn't change) one? ... or dunno, what do you think is "good"? I bet the balance will be worst... everywhere... (and tbh pretty sure we could take ANYTHING from Dragon Saga ... and the balance would still be worst than gold dungeon (yet you use it as godly reference on many occasion ... but you still act as if gold dungeon was a major issue that completely destroy something or whatever ....) Just get real, and "getting real" doesn't mean everything is fine, don't touch anything .... it only means that we report issue as they are, with no "melodramatic" exageration one way or another. ---------------------------- What's the point of having "a few million gold" if you don't use them ... beside, you complaint constantly with a big part being your character crappy gear (even if you don't realise it/refuse to acknowledge that) ... so instead of complaining of consequences of your choice (or lack of) that end up your gear being lackluster ... just start by getting a decent gear, (and a decent gameplay ... e.g. get used to/practice whatever content you want to "review"/complain about) ... then perhaps you will be able to tell appart gear problem to potential actual issues. And even if you do (or you 'think" you don't need to) ... still exagerating isn't helping, no matter the topic....if we were to let people do that, well some people will exagerate one way, other the opposite, and it will be the same with just added useless drama. Ps: and regardless, find help to stop "seeking war" everywhere like a very young spoiled brat (or again, just block me if you are too incapable of controling your rampant emotion ... xd)
  4. Dude I left PvP, not the game ... and beside, it has been what, 2-3 years you play? manage to have one decently geared character yet? ... so before you open your hole about that (which is irrelevant to forum anyway) ... you should look at yourself in the mirror (most of the complaint you make are from your own shortcoming, whether gear, gameplay, teamplay ... (or even team itself, as seeing as you are, I m not surprised most people want to avoid you , behavior & character performance alike)) Anyway, just another offtopic BS ... will you ever grow up? (unhappy about me, either block me, or report me (support) ... xd) Ps: and pretty funny you "try" to start a war with me yet again despite us both saying the same thing about "fixed gear" making no sense in a progression game... (addict to conflict ... dunno go play those game with other like you in BSQ/trade channel, instead of rambling on and on in forum (where you are not even supposed to do it there, see forum rules ... not that you care to follow them though ixdé)
  5. Nope, every whiner exagerate how 2 rooms = the whole thing ... > most people don't even complain about it ... they just play (and probably instinctively understand that there will always be some aspect less liked than other ... no matter what) Beside again, the 2 rooms "bad design" account for barely any time ... say we would have those monsters in 2 lines instead ... we would make 10-15s less at best (in the general cases) ... and regardless (whether the gold at the end would remain the same or be adjusted .... item prices would simply line up to how many gold/hour we do ... so in the end it wouldn't change much. (plus sure, not wasting 5 more second once every 10-20 runs to go fetch one loose monster that we missed ... how extreme impact that is) In addition, I never said it wasn't a problem --- the main issue is how it is reported: exageration and all ... and the drama added to make it bigger than it really is ... which you tankfully display again and again so my point is clear, how nice of you ixdé. And anyway, Abys himself remind a rework is in progress, but people still do like nothing was ever replied or something (and some even add "we need to wait" to lessen their "whiner appearance" perhaps) ------------------------------ Just drop drama/exageration and stuff ... and who knows, if the obnovious minority were less so ... the staff might stay motivated longer, and "rework" this or that faster ... (I'm amazed that no compulsive whiner can realise that the way of complaint affect the staff willingness to do stuff ... or how much they work on THAT (compared to working on other thing .... thus how long before "we get what we want" --- regardless of "what topic")
  6. (Outre que changement de topic complet ... et no souci apparament xd) ------------------------------ Euh il est >où< le "Giga-ecart"? ... (Oracle mis a part eventuellement) De meme, insister sur "donjon lineaire" ... vous vous foutez pas un peu du monde? ... il y a les 2 salles finales en non lineaire, mais c est genre 1/4 du donjon ... en option le staff a repondu, et communiqué etre sur un rework de la chose a mainte reprise, et vous parlez comme si c etait 100% non lineaire avec 0 intention de modif... aled (apres vous allez chialer que le staff fait pas assez ou che pas quel BS ... mais bon mettez vous 2s dans leur pompe ... ce genre de baratin doit les saouler...) Les mobs qui reviennent, c est un souci de gameplay, donc quand on commence essentiellement... et c est valable partout, meme en Alru, CDC ou quoi... ca arrive alors qu on en a fait 12000 runs (mais dans la grande majorité des cas y aucun souci) ... suffit juste de faire gaf de bien nettoyer, chose que tout le monde fait sans le moindre effort particulier, c est juste normal > On a l impression qu il faudrait un jeu 2D pour certain ... (voir 1D >> sur un rail xd) ------------------------------ Ps: et comme dit precedemment "stat fixe" va a l encontre direct du jeu. Qui plus est, entre dire "suffit de" mettre stats fixes ... et la realité de "trouver" les bonnes stats (fixes ou pas) ... y a un monde ... stats fixes voudraient dire etre capable d equilibré parfaitement, et meme Alru (sans meme compter les boss) est loin de l etre ... parceque meme en fixant le stuff, la facon de jouer fait une difference enorme --- y compris en solo ... et des exemples de la chose, on a eu encore et encore ... Au pire meme les overstuff (d une meme classe) n arrive pas au meme temps ... et les ecart sont pas forcement moindre qu entre Oracle et les 9 autres ... qui est bien plus que l ecart "parmis les 9" (aka Oracle a 15-20% d avance, mais l ecart entre 2 joueurs (stuff mis a part) ... peut largement, mais LARGEMENT depasser cela ... on peut probablement trouver des joueurs qui vont prendre le double de temps qu un gameplay optimisé) Bref, au lieu de vouloir drama/amplifier les soucis pour essayer de faire pression que le changement serait urgent ou che pas quoi ... apprenez a etre un peu plus objectif, que ca soit dans vos affirmations (ne pas faire genre un prob = 100% du donjon, quand c est gros max 1/4) ... ou dans vos suggestions (tentez de mettre un minimum de detail vous permettra de vous rendre compte "en quoi" certaines idees sont simplement pas assez developpée, ou carrement "impossible" ... direct au niveau concept avant meme l implementation) ------------------------------ Note: et meme ce "1/4" ne va multiplié par 2 le temps du donjon (on "perd" quoi? 10s? wahou xd) ... d autant que c est 100% subjectif ... si y avait carrement PAS les 2 last salles, ben soit on ferait plus de run/heure, mais (en supposant que la bourse serait quand meme de 1000Po, ce qui n est pas obligé) le prix des choses s y serait adapté ... donc au final ca ne changerait rien du tout (et les raleurs se plaindrait d une autre salle du donjon comme etant la "nouvelle pire") >> Spoiler alert: il y aura toujours une "pire" (et bien sur "le moment du changement" ... ca, ca peut foutre la merde --- et faut pas se leurrer, tout changement sur l economie sera une opportunité de plus d overprice d avantage ... garanti)
  7. What the hell has that have anything to do with topic? beside I provide information to non french speaker as well, so what? (and help in game just the same, I don't care whether one talks French or not) Show me one server (of any game) where new player don't need to ask anything ... (and it is offtopic, as usual) Beside, asking question and complaining are completely different things, and I don't think I saw a big difference between French/non-French speakers ... (need to know how to xp, make gold, start progression, craft system, etc... and that is the same on any game, Dragonica or not) Note: any player can do without details, and find one by himself, asking question is just way more efficient... and nothing new --- I never saw a game with "no question asked", despite playing online for longer that some player age xd (plus that the main reason of joining a guild, or the "modern version" >> joining a "discord") ------------------------------ You just drama once again, and try to display yourself as a savior, while I talked to many english player where YOU were an issue, even on earlier server you may have played --- regardless, once more, nothing to do with topic... "pretty normal" ... and have nothing to do with complaining about every little thing. ...in addition, criticizing is not a problem per say, the issue come from how it is done, and most notably the lack of actual suggestion (be it from no suggestion at all, or thing that are completely unrealistic ... or say show a complete lack of looking at context/consequences of what is asked, like here: asking to split players while it would make no sense whatsoever .... all was done for people to join the end game as soon as possible, and while it is not mandatory, 99% of player with do it) ------------------------------ And PvP? well not enough player interested for one BSQ, and you would want to split people? again ... thoughtless xd ... beside the main reason for lack of PvP players is the behaviour of "PvP players/Community" (where you are one of the worst, don't get me wrong, you are not alone there) And again ... link with topic? ------------------------------ Ps: "endless farming"? .. hmm 2009 Dragonica needed WAY more farming, sure you didn't need 1m gold, but you also didn't make 15k/h ... just like you only needed +20 ... but that was still was more scroll than the +25 now ... and those scroll were 100% from the cashop. What do compare BDL first farm to Alruman perhaps? ... months of 8-member team to gear ONE of the 8 ... I don't mind but it would be quite absurd as it was FAAAAAAR longer ---- players (no matter the game) are way less ready to grind, and all game adapted to that (even if you takes Korean example or something ... but perhaps you just don't realise how grindier games were in the past, be it Dragonica, or not --- this server or not ... go ask people about when Arcadia released ... or Galaxia ... or even Isoris) And so on ... And farming haven't really changed, since the beginning of the server since the staff make previous gear easier at each expansion --- which most server barely do (if they even did) ... but still, once more, yet another offtopic... Note: Well, Alruwman (without daily) was about the same, by design >> aimed at 100h (similar as earlier expansion)... but since the daily was added, we are way under that, with the extreme (full daily, no "farm") down to 50h ------------------------------ >> Dunno, at least try to stay on subject on your own topic... 😕
  8. Well, another offtopic to the max comment 👏 --- still, DarkRaffy is KNOWN for having a very "special" view of the game (and he'd probably say so himself), regardless of his opinion on a specific thing (this one or any other) ... so how would that means anything? I will remind you he is for HUGE MS/AS ... while most the communtity isn't ... he doesn't like farming (not to optimise gear at least) while it is the "goal" of the game (and then PvP, in theory, e.g. before cancer issues)... so even in your BS way or trying to put excuses of "you are not wrong" (which is irrelevant, forum is not a contest of whose right, but a place to offer suggestion to improve the game, and supposedly where you detail your statements, be it criticising what exist or change suggestion)... you take an outsider (both in opinion and literally xd...) for support? what you can't find people actually playing the game? or simply give YOUR opinion on the numerous (far worst) issues or red fox dg? ... > size, lack of mobs, traps & jetpack waste, the final boss etc... > or simply agree that while gold dungeon last 2 room are "unliked" (from potential "too big, too scarsed mobs") ... it is far from being "as bad" as you try to drama it. Again, I'm convinced you know that red fox dungeon is "quite bad" ... but you can't agree on it since I said it ... and it is still offtopic globally, and get even worst there as you don't care about topic, you only care about the "war" that you imagine having with me ... (again just block me again if you cannot control yourself) Would anyone else have said the sentence that triggered you to go on a rampage (or that you wouldn't want to drama everything to the max --- undeservedly so) ... you would have dropped it already ... and to be honest, I can't remember seeing you "not complaining" about any topic whatsoever, it is just a defining trait of your person, hence why you appear as a raging child (hint: no matter if I too in your "view", but go on, try insulting me like it'd change anything about YOUR behaviour or "statement" ... and that confirm my adjective "child" about you --- despite my literally writing it... I'd bet ... xd)
  9. Red fox takes a really long time with barely any mobs (and freekill one/no teamplay) ... the "cutscene"/miniboss were even cut (only 2 instead of original 3) as even the original devs acknowledged it was too damn long for what it does ... and make the quest series "bug" (as you need to do 2 runs instead of one ...) > and are damn waste of time anyway ... sure (subjective) fun on the first run I suppose ... but if/when we farmed it, it was annoying AF ... Plus the final boss if one of the worst of the game as its vertical (above ground) position means LOTS of skill don't hit it ... (not to mention the bug potential with jetpack (especially on Shadow/Twin unmorph and unfuse) ... and the tornado hitbox not matching the visual, that you complained about in Alru but strangely enough, here it doesn't bother you or something?) > Or even simply the time wasted on "jetpack animation" ... or the traps themselves --- or perhaps you mean the new gold dungeon should inspire itself from all those "wonderful things" xd?) ------------------------------ But sure, it is most likely "subjective" points xd > you are just a child that will say the opposite of anything that I may have said (or you think I said ... even if I were to merely repeat from someone else --- perhaps I should try stating one of your sentences to see how the hell you'd reply to it --- well you would probably skip it like you do for most things you don't know/want to reply to)... or try to use my own sentence, but in context that do not match one bit, and I'm sure you feel smart doing it, despite being so blatantly obvious that it just make you appear a litttle <choose your word> (since I don't want you to think I'm trash talking you when I'm merely putting an adjective of what you action display) And beside, you didn't comment on the rest on the gold dungeon being a problem ... meaning that it indeed isn't ... and regardless that's not even the topic --- plus Abys himself told (here and on numerous occasion) that it was under revision anyway --- but your only goal in life = complain ... that's pathetic (grow up a little?) ------------------------------ Finally requesting DarkRaffy support?... he sure is a big reference for not having play on the server for years and years ... (and perhaps not even 10 runs in gold dungeon, if any xd) Ps: and it is mosly offtopic (and Lavalon definitely is ... plus "good for speed run"? hmm well when we had to dash perhaps ... nowadays? with 500-600+ MS not so much ... and it is not "fight", just run ... if you want "run" games I would guess you can find better suited than a gear progression, side scrolling, action/fighting game)
  10. I dare you to go to red fox dungeon, or most old F5 (with 20 mobs or less) ... those are way worst ... and even closer, a lot of Isoris map are worst when it comes to mobs position, and "huge size" for no reason (beside running) etc.... As for "mobs" themselves, well ... most snakes, obscuro-type mobs (or pretty much any levitating one) ... are far more annoying than skeleton (especially for experience people where "fleeing" is no longer happening) And boss? ... well as mentionned previously, any "100% block" boss is far worst than one that can be perma-locked ...(and tbh while most boss do "move/attack", it is as if they were doing nothing since we basically ignore their attack --- plus you are probably one that do that everywhere seeing how you complain about Alru boss attacks anyway xd) ---------------------------- Chibibowa, t as beau dire "specialiste", meme parmis les joueurs experimenté il peut avoir des differences de 10-30s ... donc si une classe à 20s de retard: c est un souci de classe? où que le joueur/run est mauvais? (et vice versa la classe en avance, c est la classe, ou un run parfait/chanceux) Ensuite tu dis "se mettre d accord sur timing", mais a la base actuellement le timing et 3:00-3:30 ... pour a peu pret toutes les classes (sauf Oracle quoi) ... donc cest quoi le delire de completement changé le systeme sur une suggestions irrealiste/utopique (et qui va l a encontre meme de "se stuff") tout ca pour 1 classe en avance? lolilol. (et meme l avance Oracle n est pas si genante que ca, c est plus le fait que ca soit "encore et toujours" Oracle ... et surtout que ca soit macro X, dont la majorité des joueurs font en mode bot, sans "lacher les X" pour 90% du run) > Dans tous les cas ca reste totalement HS, reli mieux le topic de depart, a aucun moment il n est question "d ecart de classes"
  11. A la base "l equilibre des classes" n etait meme pas le sujet, juste un HS de plus (7eme sujet abordé? clap clap new record) ... avec de la suggestion completement fumé ... deja "equilibrer les classes" celon les doigts de qui? ... et meme si on etait apte a "choisir" ... on fait ca comment? ... pi au dela de ca, le stuff c est la base du jeu (surtout si on valide la theorie de certains que c est un "jeu pve") ... en encore plus si le donjon PO etait le seul comme ca, ca voudrait dire que "tout les no stuff" (et j parle pas forcement que les nouveaux hein, les joueurs PvP qui veulent pas faire le moindre mix PvE par exemple) irait uniquement donjon PO ... ce que pour le coup pourrait cree des soucis d inflation des prix.(et creant un surplus de l offre (PO) par rapport a la demande (tout un tas d autre chose)) "Worst dungeon" c est BS, ni plus ni moins, y aurait pas les 2 last salles, personne se plaindraient ... et meme si les 2 salles sont un peu relou, si on avait eu des "couloirs" pour un temps similaire ben ca revient au meme... (ou meme sans, soit la bourse aurait ete plus petite, soit les PO/h seraient simplement un poil plus haut, le prix (PO) des objets seraient simplement un poil plus elevé aussi.
  12. Childist as usual, unhappy, just block me (you made a full serie braging how good it is, so just do it again)... and if I am that much an offense, go support to complain... (but seeing how you say I would be a "racist" .... I can see you have deep argument, completely linked to what happen ... *sarcasm* (rather add cuz you go fiction on your own, so if I help ... how far would you fall xd)) Anyway ... rage or not, bias or not ... thing are what they are ... whether actual status of the game, or your request .... or even your tantrum prone behavior ... xd If you cannot handle anything (but "+1") said about any of your "opinion/request" ... perhaps you should do something else (I let you find out "what").... "good luck"? ---------------------------- Note: as "T-board" for reference to anything? lol ... do you have even lower ? ... instead of talking, or dramaing, you should just "play" ... enjoy the game, of even gauge what people actually want (rather than just you ... or a very narrow minority might want)... before you get frustrated when someone dare to tell you ixdé edit: and editing top-5 to top-2 ... what you were afraid I would have acces to top-5 to easily ... so funny 🙄 (I never cared about any "ranking" , it won't start just because a raging ball mention it ... the ranking is relevant of sh*t ... thus people that talk about it are really lame (as it just means they couldn't find something else to entertain themselves, e.g. liking the game, having friend to keep them from being bored and so one, getting better at the game (and not to "push their opponent face on it, but for the sake of progression, which is human nature --- well I guess "rage" is also something of "human nature" sadly xd)) Instead of trying to sumarise everything to a "ranking" (whether it is pointless or the best thing ever created) ... you should realise how meaningless it is , and (one of) the very reason PvP is so cancerous, and thus so "empty" ... but I guess you will say that it is my fault, even though I stopped going PvP like 15 months ago) > Keep accusing everyone else of problem around you, you are probably right ~ ---------------------------- Ps: sorry can't reply without appearing enflamatory ... but can't let BS be said either, especially on that level of accusation/insult (which are at the core forbidden in forum ... just sayin) Perhpas you should have a look in the mirror (with regard to your replies) before you accuse people of random fake things ...
  13. Sure, I replied and explained ton of thing, but as usual you pick a random statement more or less prone to a drama reply and then fake that is all I do ... in hope to "manipulate" staff (or rather to lower your own behaviour) ... that's childish, and fool noone no matter how much you want to "believe" Anyway, review your messages or not, not my problem... whether you acknowledge (in your head not "in public" , huh) or not the fact you complain about one thing, and 3 day later the opposite --- or other similar thing from the same source >> no thoughts ... you just state whatever you feel like at the moment, and who cares if the next day you are in another mood. Channel bonus >> irrelevant XP itself >> pretty much irrelevant as well (even though I do encourage the staff to address the worst part e.g. level 55-60 --- but anyone you are not one to talk about that since you supported lowering Isoris xp ... and don't go excuse "yeah but I wanted more xp on normal quest" > point is your action made thing worst, yes even if that wasn't your intention /// or because staff didn't do "all you wanted", that's just normal ... staff won't ever have the same view, thus suggestion should be made with more detail if you want to avoid a counter productive result) Language things, well it will happen regardless, and ever more if you actually talk like it is a thing --- (personnaly I help people, whether they speak french or not is completely irrelevant) > Anyway you want to comment on it, start by being a role model with regards to that (good luck lol xd) New server, as said above, Wyvern failed ... so what make you think it would be any different? (most players already done "Dragonica beginning" a ton of times ... and anyway, say there's a new server ... 2 month later the most dedicated will have similar gear as now (in PvP at least, meaning even in expand are a little lower) ... then what? reset again? > Even in "season games" ... well things end up rushed even more ... beside most don't have the free2play model ... and probably none have the "enchantement" system (not at Dragonica degree at least) ------------------------------------ You just split whatever suit your taste, and "attack/accusation/insult" anyone that would dare not to go 100% your way (like you always did ... You are free to do that, but it doesn't change what it is, and that it is "your problem"... cheers anyway
  14. Conceptually you are not wrong, however this server is all about getting to 90+ the fastest possible (when it is not down right 95 where most people are) Beside most people don't care one bit about xp (past a point) --- so they would still join whatever channel they want regardless So what would you do? ... channel 1 = level 1-85 ... channel 2 = 86 + ? But then how would a team which include both 85- and 86+ do? >> so perhaps 1-85 vs 80+ ? so basically most people wanting xp go channel 2? (except the very few during their 1-68 progressions + 68-80 CDC normal leech --- as quest (inlcuding board) is unaffected by xp bonuses In short it wouldn't change anything ... time wasted. Note: that even if you think "event channel bonuses" (meaning big big one ... even multiplicative perhaps) ... you risk overcrownind a channel, whereas channel goal is to avoid server issue .. at the core. ---------------------------------- "jump event" ... so what? someone who knows the game do 1-60 in like 10 hours ... how care if you can skip it ONCE (per account) ... whining for the sake on whining really, period. (and if you meant the lvl85 boxes... tbh it is not worth, but if lazy rich people want to, why not? (it is still rather quick to do 1-85 ... especially as most of the time those boxes happen during a x2 xp event) ---------------------------------- "Separation" of language, from one of the most obnoxious person that constantly say "French this" or something (including having "all english player" on one side, and french on the other) ? ... dude you want to complain about something, start by being good around it. (so silly xd --- "le comble" xd) And requesting a new server, well they tried, with Vyvern ... and guess where it went --- people like "fresh start" mostly on nostalgia .. but start also mean horrible farm ... and huge gap between paying and free2play ... which makes bahviour issue even worst. (which is why it last 1 or 2 month, and drop dead) > The game is designed to have people "rush" to end game, because the population is too low to scatter it all over the place ... (and tbh it is pretty easy to get that ...) In addition, there are already big gaps in effeciency and stuff despite "start" being quite "accelerated" .... and people complaining about those effect ... and you ask to widen them? lol Note: whether you like it or not, people are no longer ready to farm hundred hour to level up.... (beside you yourself complain regurlarly about the farm being "too long" or something ... really it is "weird" (when it is not direct contradiction)... --------------------------------- Ps: I almost not replied and left that topic to yet another 0 reply of yours ... but it is just unfathomable how you will complain about anything and everything ... and put suggestion without any thought (or so it seems) --- aka thing that may be fine outside this server context or something, but are completely irrelevant with it. Now, you can accuse me of whatnot, I don't really care ---- it is up to you to realise how you often ask one thing and the complete opposite later on ... or how your suggestion sometimes goes completely against the server/community ... or was even tried before (and failed) .... yet you still "request" it ... (note that you don't need to acknowledge anything ... )
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