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  1. ("1 month later" > nice) Well, without "arguing" about your comment, if that isn't what is needed .... why don't you suggest what would be. (and without going into "change how that skill work or something ... e.g. staying on what is available = mostly "number change") > What Twin actually "need" (in the "feel bad" context --- I remind you that it was not a balance patch (performance wise) .... or even in "balance" context (ST aside I suppose)) tbh Twin is rather well balanced class (ST DPS aside)... hence why the changes were so "superficial" (and I would bet without MS change you would not even talk ... although the class remain at +30) ------------------------------------- > and the few changes helped where it was "annoying" - Forced to macro XW (still stronger, but less so --- hence a player than "only X" isn't that penalised ... thus "more confortable") - Slightly stronger fusion (just to balance the "play outside fusion" that happen from how the dg are (relative to Alru for instance)) - Harmony buff longer (- MS being too big was a hindrance of all other classes .... objectively speaking that indeniable: e.g. without Twin/Shadow insane MS, the other wouldn't feel "slow") People trying to play "popularity contest" or "+1 game" instead of actual argument is quite the sign of ... (guess what)
  2. hmm ... normal de se faire tuer facile quand t as 0 stuff, mais osef ... tu sors et tu relances au pire si t as pas envie de "payer la rez" (Concernant Isoris, au pire si vous ne gerez pas, demander de l aide juste pour les quetes et basta) En outre si tu veux faire des sous >> map bonus de F1 pour les coffres + clé au boss (tu choppes haricot et parchemin de protection dedans, que tu pourras vendre pour acheter ce que tu as besoin; notamment popo xp *5) (abuses pas lvl20 ca se fait et "2s" ... au pire met une popo *5 xd --- sinon t as toujours discord ... mais bon gaf au gens qui s ennuient et troll "pour le fun" xd)
  3. Tu sais que tu peux craft les items à un PNJ a coté du "portail" (dans la brume cendrée) ...
  4. Qu est ce qui te fait penser que je "prend de haut" ... ou que je suis "contre" au juste? (autre que fiction comme d hab) J ai simplement dit que vu que le staff aura toujours des trucs a faire, pour qu une suggestion ai une "chance", il faut qu elle presente un interet (d un point de vu ou d un autre) pour un nombre "non negligeable" de joueurs (surtout avec les eventuels risque de choses mentionnées; notamment le fait qu une partie des les joueurs qui arriveraient "ferme du vent" et ne pourraient pas recolter sont garanti d aller raler/questionner la chose) et le terme "joke" n est pas une insulte, c est juste au sens qui a pas de raison, et que tu as utilisé le terme "park" pour faire genre (d où le mot que j ai utilisé; et notes qui a rien de "mechant" à cela ... t as user un terme pour le delire, et je pointe que c est "un delire", ni plus ni moins)
  5. Il n y a pas de PNJ vendant orbe exco, potion exp ou haricot --- ce sont des choses que tu drops, ou que tu echanges/achetes a d autres joueurs. - Orbe Exco sont une monnaie obtenu en quete quoti lvl60+, qui est utilisée à un PNJ au milieu du "port des 4 vents" (dont entre autres popo xp x5 -- 40min = 1 orbe ... (environ 200-350 po piece ca varie)) - Haricot sont dans les coffres des zones bonus; je ne suis pas sûr que tu ai capté le principe: Il faut lancer plusieurs map (2 ou 3) ... et occasionnellement tu aura la "map bonus" au lieu d une map standard, dans laquelle tu as 3 vagues de monstres suivi d un coffre. > Ce dernier drop des coffres (objet consommable) à ouvrir avec les clés droppant au boss de F1 (note que plus la clé est "basse" (obtenu sur un boss bas level) ... meilleures sont tes chances d obtenir parchemin/haricot, car ca reduit les possibilités d avoir "autres choses") Le tout reste aleatoire, mais à force d ouvrir plein de coffre tu finira par avoir des parchemin de protection (que tu pourras vendre pour acheter popo exp x5 par exemple) ... et haricot magique (à toi de voir si tu vends ou utilise) ------------------------------- Ps: n hesite pas a demander en canal negoce, ou sur le discord pour des reponses generalement plus rapide
  6. Normal, ca à changé, fini afk 10 comptes en mode debile, now c est via le menu H comme ca l a été mentionné plus haut. Et la joke "park" che pas quoi ... les gens vont globalement pas aller sur une map qui ne sert à rien, et j vois mal le staff perdre son temps à retravailler la map pour s assurer qui ai pas un mec avec une vieille version du jeu ou che pas quoi qui pourrait recolte afk, sans compter qui a deja plein de joueurs qui l ouvrent avec la zone fermée, si c etait ouvert 100% ca gueulerait « pourquoi je peux pas recolter » xd -- bref
  7. Le PNJ pour la quete existe au port des 4 vent lui meme, au milieu en haut ("sur le balcon!" xd) (on peut Ă©galement y echanger les items speciaux, dont les "braises")
  8. Well assuming they would do something, they would probably make a trade lvl2 > lvl3 > lvl4 > ... lvl8 > lvl9 > lvl2 in a loop (that's the simplest thing to do... but no guarantee they ever "understand" how important it is sadly. (and card suffer a similar issue for Aram belt, but which isn't blocking anything "behind" it, so it is less of a problem)
  9. Make no sense, we ALL have +25 weapon period, and having "full +" isn't optimisation at all, it is mandatory. (no one will stop at +22 or something as long as they have budget to go higher and if they don't, it will be their priority) You can keep arguing about "it is a set, we should have it", but that's your assumption at best (I mean it's completely subjective) > fact is any progression possible is always "how much it cost" (in time) ... --vs-- "how much it gives" --- the "mandatory" thing SHOULD have a good ratio, while the bad ratio are limited to only the most invested, and thus should avoid giving too much stat (compared to alternative on that slot) That's why Corrupt weapon make no sense ... you get a huge increase, but it cost a lot --- and beyond that, you are blocked off until you have the full weapon finished (e.g. if you have x1.8 , you shouldn't improve star yet, so you can't use it --- similarly even at x2.0 it is still useless since you won't rando until it is 3* ... so even at 3* with the x2.0 it is still useless until you rando at least dcc 40% >> all those factor just worsen the whole thing, that's why imo it is bad; we should have way to make lvl5 scroll equal to lvl2-9 .. and/or be able to rando right away, get lvl60 weapon directly (or on 1*) ... anyway) If you look at option expand, x1.9 > x2.0 is WAY harder than x1.3>x1.4 ... and yet give the same stat, 1.4 is more like everybody should do it (including PvP player or perhaps even rerolls) --- 2.0 however is only if you wish to push your character higher, and of course each player goes as high as he feel like doing. > But trust me, everybody would WANT to have x2.0 everywhere, just like everybody will want 10* Divine if he had a choice. Regardless, a full optimised character (with say x2.0 on weapon/back and 1.5-1.6 on the rest) ... get probably 5-10% DPS increase between 5* and 10* (weapon + full set) ... so it is up to everyone to decide whether its worth the grind (just like they will decide whether optimising prem, or expand, or pet ... are)
  10. Well sure most people aren't willing to help despite not really "slowing them down" ... but still some do. (and regardless doing a few extra Alru is not really a problem especially with the x2 quest rewards --- and the fact that people looking for Divine upgrade roll over Alru like butter) You keep insisting on 10* not being "rewarding", but just like going x2.0 on prem armor or something ... that the definition of "opti" (aka cost a lot, get very little) if the grind was "efficient"/"well worth" the time, then it would basically be somewhat mandatory, like making the Divine itself or a couple of star --- hence it start rather fair (time wise) and ramp up later. I can understand people wanting to separate one "opti" thing from others ... but that should not be the case, opti is opti wherever it is. > especially as often, people tend to complain about both things at the same time: "too long/don't want to opti" ... and then "nothing to do" (not to mention "stopping early in the opti train" contribute to feeling "too long") People often say Alru is too long, but objectively speaking it is not ... when created it was 100h (which is quite low for an end game set of a prgression base mmorpg) --- when daily was added, it dropped down as far as 50h (if you only daily) --- and now it is like 25h or even less since daily actually take way less time now than when it was introduced > Divine will be similar (without the daily part) ... making Divine is perhaps 50h (assuming you don't pay upfront lot of stone which can reduce that significantly) ... and 4-5 star is likely more or less the same (of course depend on you gear, and above that on your parties "play level" if I can call it that) As for 10* ... hard to say, but doesn't matter, just like "how far" people push x2.0 doesn't either (sure one could argue on PvP scene, but lets be honest, when PvP players will manage any talk whatsoever ... then perhaps that will be worth considering, and beyond that a change whenever is not that hard to do -- assuming PvP players can come to some kind of consensus ... sadly that's a big assumption xd) "one of 3"... huh, always the same BS, most classes have a handful of player actually dedicated to it (except Invoker I suppose) ... and I already seen like 4-5 Summoners ... and perhaps some other I did not cross path with --- for instance I saw about as many OL, Shadow, Sorc, Twin etc... although that might be completely random/coincidence. -------------------------------- You might "disagree" with me, but there is no arguing the MATQ move is basically rather "no change" performance-wise (and loosing the ability to slightly buff Invoker/Sorc is a nerf technically) (I can't even get how that would be a buff ... especially when I see people stating "bird was never there" while first it isn't true, and even not there it still buffed us lot of the time (all?) ... you might not have noticed since we couldn't see the animation, but still --- beside, that's not only for bird, we often loose passive with more or less impact depending on the class, the staff do his best to fix, but "it is harder then people think") > not to mention bird buff (or PvE bufffor that matter) do nothing on Summoner skills e.g. for the "way"... just on X spam (boss room also tend to "bug less" than the "worst maps") Likewise people see "buff lines" (for impact or volcano for example) ... and assume «wtf they buff the class!» ... but truth is those skills damage are useless in end game, the only place it does help is in freekill dungeon, where (this again not arguable) Summoner isn't "OP" at all, it is average (which is still the case with the changes btw), and it "feels" weak (which is what mostly improved >> the "sensation") --- again the point of the patch is the frustration/bad feeling from this or that on every class. (Performance wise, it is not such a big deal whatsoever, even on the classes that do get "end game impactful" increase in overall power, like Sorc or Shadow --- so on class that actually got close to nothing, quite "funny" that some people dare to even activate panic mode xd) -------------------------------- Can't really argue whatever you may imagine since you don't really tell ... but like many classes Summoner do "feel better", yet aren't really "buffed" when it comes to end game or anything where the class (Summoner or otherwise) was already strong. (the buff are mostly comfort or help in places the class was "weak" (or at least felt weak ~) .. whether Summoner or any other... (again, except perhaps Sorc/Shadow ... but that's mainly because of a "rework shift" in how the class play --- the core isn't really different, but it was tried to get away from dumb issues (that again were making frustration ... even if the "solution" brought do increase the "power") --- Sorc becoming Invoker#2 ... and Shadow "dependence" on woodrush (even worst on "idea woodrush" that wasn't always applicable, and thus quite frustrating when despite doing everything well, it wouldn't work ...) ... and even then, the classes aren't becoming broken OP ... even if in some cases; it might look like it (with specific circumstances (mostly "not opti" teamplay or gear) or looking at damage number without looking at "time" ... and so on)
  11. So you mainly complain about "time" and investment, except who said you NEED to make 10*... Say you stop at 6-7* ... how much stat missing are you talking about, like ...20-30% dcc and a tiny bit of str/int ... there's no content that really require it anyway (You may want to request stat of everything, but you don't need it, you can see the progression of 0>1* .. it is pretty much the same all the way) You might think "if a set exist I want it" ... but then, what about going full x2.0 on every pieces of equipement? ... if that's still not clear, it is one word: optimisation. As for the "Divine scrolls", well, you don't have to reinforce, nor rando, nor super rando, nor option expand (including the expensive scroll and their inherent variance) So in the end it is still WAY cheaper ... beside there are MANY scroll in stock on the server, and you can easily farm "regular" scroll in F1 bonus maps ... (despite the speculated/overpriced prices ... they are still under the 30 gold/DP mark from the cash shop, so ...) ...not to mention there's to requirement for everything +25 (especially in PvE ... a 35k def can do just fine, going over that is just comfort if you feel wealthy enough) .. and you won't need it for the Isoris shoulder and boot --- regardless, go count how much you paid for Sera set, with sure cheaper +25 ... but how much did you use on rando/super rando? .. and on expand? ... (+ reinforcement & cards) even you exacerbated 1.6m gold sound pretty cheap > you do realise a 3* corrupted weapon is 1m gold or more? ... 1.6m might sound big it really isn't. (especially as you don't need that much, and it will be spent over months ...) Plus you complain def didn't increase like it would be a balance issue, but if it did, balance issue would be even worst (at best might have an issue of people killing one another too quickly, but worst thing worst staff can easily increase the PvP HP multiplier) You just pile complaint over nothing ... PvP card? so what you miss like 2k base ATQ in PvE? so what ... you just make PvP oriented character a lack like 2-5% DPS in PvE it really isn't all that bad, nor new, nor "specific" ... count how many people in old offi had aim back (without dcc) cuz they couldn't afford both option... or aim on jewels (big price + useless in PvE) --- and that's not limited to Dragonica, lots of game will have PvP and PvE build that are different, and might ultimately means you need 2 set, or to choose which place you are optimised for (and which you are not) Ps: "people who are smart" realise the difference is actually tiny, and don't go full on complaining of trying to compare to another server for the Xth time ... (while leaving all that other server do way worst) ---------------------------- As for "not knowing" how much you need for each star exactly, who cares... it gets way harder for the last star as they tend more and more into "full opti" scenario ... just like people have no idea how many attempt you need to get a x1.8-1.9-2.0 ... I don't see how the lact of details is anything new --- or any kind of issue whatsoever And the stone CAN be turned into residue ... sure we will want to sell them as long as their price are high, but with time a balance will appear between that and breaking them to save portion of the farm (that anyone can choose which he prefers) > And before you think about complaining about "too low" quantity or something, give 3s of thoughts to multiclient ... we need to have quite a gap between creating and breaking in residue quantity else people would just go with afk mule, and "high geared people" would get even bigger advantage (not to mention lower gear character could end up in a "farm gold and buy" is better) Regarding Alru mats, again not a big deal ... might give a reason for people already in full Sera to help those below so they actually find group (even if lot of player won't probably help ..) ... but regardless, with one daily give 2 all orb + 2 token ... it is just nothing, 1-2 daily per week is probably enough (not to mention how ez Alru feel when you have a geared char ... you basically carry a 4 player group like is was a solo/duo one (depending how the 3 other character contribute) ---------------------------- I'm not necessarily a fan of the "special item", but objectively speaking they don't matter, since HP of each dungeon was adjusted to them ... e.g. if you had "full potential", monster HP would have been a bit higher for the same farming time. Those little differences just bring about some use of some buffs that were useless (like anything help tcc, Archer, Thiefs, Twin, OL dice) ... or other slight change in AS or MS on specific dg. (+ "theme" I suppose) ---------------------------- Finally your "PvE balance" .... first thing first, it is not balance per say, even the word was used (as balacing class performance that is often associated with that word/process) ... what was balance are the worst thing each class had to face, nothing more (and balance does not mean "100% resolved", simply "better than before") You argue Summoner MATQ move change is a buff as you state bird was always bugged, but that isn't true ... first party of 4 was pretty rare in the end (with most people prefering duo from a lack of patience/organisation) ... and even if you did had bug in your party, you could simply, start the dungeon WITHOUT your bird ... and summon it inside (which would guarantee it for the first map, not to mention in many case even if bird wasn't there it would still buff you ... and contribute to the casting reduction) > it is more a psychological change than anything, "feeling bad for missing the bird" --- now it is better (and if you want to look at it technically, it is a nerf, since you can no longer provide 10% MATQ to invoker/sorc of your party (but imo it is just a better comfort, no real impact) Dragon tooth was already "good", but now it is enough so that people with stop "ignoring it" (just like Senti sharpshooting or something ...) and it is really aimed at Summoner "DPS/performance" per say, but rather the annoyance of CD in place you don't move much and spam your skill over and over (especially for player that have yet to master the CD management. Impact & Volcano are aimed at freekill dgs (be it CDC, gold, wood, and so on ... although some lower gear might need to skill to kill until reaching higher gear) >> again aiming at the furstration places of the class (and of course those are irrelevant in Divine or even Alru (damage-wise)) Daring to complain you have to be in front of mobs is utter joke ... look at Destroyer, Invoker, Senti, ... pretty much every class? ... not to mention the botting potential alone. "shot speed good for boss" , I wonder about how much you played when I read than ... the high speed is way more helpful vs mobs than boss (where you often more or less face tank them as they come to you) --- again in "easy content", not in end game where you aren't using X spam on mob all that much. ---------------------------- Then some "up request" ... which I won't go in detailed reply, just that "having an ulti come at a cost" .... people tend to look in jealousy at Dragoon, but they forget Dragon ST DPS is like 40% of a summoner (even during the ulti that people thing is crazy OP ..) Ulti (Dragoon/Destroyer) are only good when they hit lots of target, which meang very specific situation, and those scenario where the class is a bit stronger are just part of the global power of the class (and the balance with other) Sure people sometimes doubt the balance, but most often than not it is from gear difference, of gameplay (especailly teamplay) discrepancies. Just like every patch (and even between big patched) you will find some rumor of this is OP this is trash ... but strangely enough you might find the exact opposite sometimes (just as the circumstances changes or something ... team playing with better synergy, gear gap being reduced and so on ...) > And tbh the complaining on that front is way smaller this time around, and more "1st day" complaint simply stopped ... probably as those who complained actually realised how strong they actually are (like Shadow/Sorc) ---------------------------- Ps: meteor rain hit 8 monster, and rolling stone is just fine, did Elga run the other day with 2 Invoker ... that actually said "we can pushed efficiently thanks to the stone" (which I actually corrected as their better impression wasn't really the stone, but the fact that when 2-3 people push together ... if become WAY more efficient/comfortable and thus feel completely different >> as is "way stronger" --- people just don't realise how much a good teamplay can be like playing another game; both in "sensation" and performances... especially in Elga of course) Class are balanced, but assuming you play with a "good startegy" ... e.g. if your team doesn't optimiser number of target enough, a few classes might feel stronger (Senti, Sorc, Twin focusing on infinite kick (which is quite weak actually in high target count which ironically is THE place Twin excel at xd) ...) As for "Dragoon rolling" ... it has high damage BECAUSE it is rather low targets ... meaning if you have 15-20+ target other skill might be better, and that's the point (and not having a all might skill that is way better in all cases ... one need to understand his class and play accordingly to the situation) -- beside even if there were a "performance balance" patch, Dragoon are quite strong already, if you don't see it ... hmm probably some teamplay improvement to be made. ---------------------------- Take what you will on my post, or even ignore it, point is I doubt many people would even reply to the length or your message ... and close to zero with english in the mix (especially as if you remove the "too long/expensive" part it is quite downsized --- and even more you remember that it is not a "class balance patch" at all ... even if the words do apear, the goal never was performance related (even if some class annoyance were (and still are) related to it ... namely ST DPS)
  12. Meme sans debattre si ca serait une bonne idee ou pas, "modif les hitbox" n est a priori pas une option. Dragon a juste besoin de rien, il etait "tres fort en DPS" pour compenser son manque de "poussée" en Alru ... (et pas cheat question boss/DPS monocible) > Avec Divin qui a moins de poussée la classe est naturellement "up" Ps: La conso PM c est juste un ti bonus confort quand le Dragon part afk et oublie l aura ... ou parfois en BL (genre lvl 6x en Drakos ... avec aura + skill + ulti, les potions etait parfois relou)
  13. Honnetement non, c est juste les gens full mauvaise foi qui oblige a couvrir tout les petits details les plus barrés ... (et l eventualité de parler de plein de truc different en 1 seul post) De base les mecs ralent parceque leur classe a "que" 412-427 vdm quand c est +30-45 au dessus de la majorité des classes aled quoi (et quoi qu'on leur dise, ca part dans des delires HS et quand tu montres que c etait nawak, ca enchaine de plus belle... et donc en effet rapidement pavé de ouf ~) --------------------------------- Ps: j m en passerais bien aussi hein ... (si y avait moins de mec pret à tout pour gratter/garder un avantage ici ou là --- et bloquant les equilibrages (confort et/ou DPS ... voir meme PvP) (kk1 de bonne foi à pas vraiment besoin de lire mes reponses dans ces cas là vu que ca tombe sous le sens, c est juste pour pas leur laisser porte ouverte à dire nawak dans le but d epuisé la patience des gens dans la vague espoir de gratter un 30 vdm ou quoi qu ils disent eux meme "pas cheat", mais qui marche dans les 2 sens du coup, bref)
  14. 30k c est rapide, 10 revious peut filer 10-20 point a lui tout seul (me souvient pu exactement) ... et generalement si t as jouer au jeu, t as probablement deja un packet via les medailles de base de chaque F1, celle de lvl up, et j en passe ... Legende du combo peut filer la blinde aussi ... et un tas d autre medaille rebarbative mais facile (comme 1000 quete bleu via le masque farrell, visiter une maison ...etc...) Et bien sur "visite ta maison" est encore plus ouf (mais faut double compte ou t arranger avec un pote, genre faut que ton perso soit dans sa maison et qu un autre perso rentre en boucle dedans (juste ouvrir liste d ami > rentrer en boucle, pas besoin de "sortir") Tu peux egalement expert les F1 lvl1-20 ou autre ... bref etc... (pendant server saison on peut 150k points mini, donc t imagine bien que 30k c est de la rigolade)
  15. Euh se plaindre pour 30 vdm et appeler ca "perte de confort" quand a coté d autre aspect bien plus impactant se sont ameliorés, c est de la mauvaise foi de haut vol. (et j irais meme pas commenter ceux qui dise "alors qui a peu de Furie"... car y a un tas de classe etant "peu" egalement .. le server reste petite population, surtout si on look la portion des gens overstuff -- et avec une dispersion des classes qui reste plutot bien equitable (bien que oui Oracle ou quoi sont plus joué) ... aller voir certains autre server où c est pas "un peu plus d Oracle" mais genre QUE ca xd...) ------------------------------------- Et concernant Senti, je vois pas trop de quoi ca chiale, probablement les -15% ATQ? oua dure ca doit reduit le X de 6-7% DPS que tout le monde sait overbroken en siutation low cibles ou "relatiement low pv" (par exemple donjon corrompu qui a 20m pv/mob, Senti est devant les 9 autres classes de loin, et ca meme avec cette mini reduc --- ci bien que les autres joueurs sont blazé quand ils voient un Senti, meme si cette sensation est bien souvent exacerbé à tord) > Cela dit tout comme les autres, ce n est absolument pas un but d equilibrage de perfomance sinon le spam X aurait p ete prit -50% (en tout cas la 5eme fleche) On essai juste tant bien que mal que les Senti ai un semblant de gameplay histoire d etre plus interessant ... mais ce n est pas facile compte tenu de garder le core du gameplay et des contraintes techniques (codage ou FPS) ou venant de la scene PvP (apres je sais bien que comme y a 2-3 ans avec les Elem (ou Oracle qui veulent spam X rouge 24/7 ...et rale de "soi disant servir à rien en end game derriere xd), pas mal de joueurs choisissent la classe que pour ses performances "cheat" dans certaines circonstances, et s en branlent total du gameplay, mais ca contribue à rendre la classe chiante à crever (quand on look le gameplay lui meme independamment des perf) Qui plus est Senti est une classe qui n a pas vraiment de souci --- à part le bug transpercer; oui dans un monde parfait les bug n existeraient pas, mais voila ... c est pas comme ca que ca se passe, donc y a plusieurs modif aidant particulierement dans ce cas là. (bien que les modif en question aide egalement lorsque le bug n est pas present (ce qui reste quand meme la majorité du temps de la majorité des joueurs) ... et Tir d'elite etait deja fort, mais comme dit precedemment pas mal de groupe sous estiment (ou osef) le fait de packer, et pas juste "faire un tas de 15 mobs une fois de temps en temps hein", mais conceptuellement parlant; partout) ...p-e que now plus de Senti se rendront compte de l utilité/puissance de ce dernier, et auront un semblant de dynamisme dans leur gameplay end game (plutot que spam X 24h sur 24 --- ou faire la revolution quand transpercer bug alors qu en vrai ca enleve meme pas autant de degat que ca, notamment sur leur conviction de la fleche rouge = tout qui n est meme pas affectée par le bug transpercer en passant) Bref, justement les joueurs regardant ca d oeil "performance" sont meme mecontent que Senti MONTE de puissance (bien que moins que d autres classe) alors que si c etait equilibrage de performance ca aurait été sans aucun doute une baisse (au moins en situation de 5-10 mob ou de "pv pas tres haut") ------------------------------------- Euh Century, arretes d inventer des trucs (et au passage de derive en mode drama inutile) ... j ai toujours dit que je ne faisait pas de sous entendu, pas que j etais rigide sur l utilisation d un mot, j ai meme dit l inverse a de nombreuse occasion, un mot ou un autre on s en fou, c est la communication derriere qui compte Tu reves ou bien? Furie sur un contenu comme CDC c est ultra rapide ... forcement c est p ete pas #1 ... mais tu realise qu on compare pas les classes en regardant que Oracle ou quoi hein? (e.g. le #1) ... compares a Arca, ou Destru, ou etc... Furie est dans le peloton, bien souvent c est juste qu Oracle (ou autre) est en avance, mais ca c est un autre sujet ... qui plus est, cela serait un souci de performance: ce qui n est pas le font des intentions pour cette maj. (au pire tu lis le pourquoi "up tout le monde" serait problématique, et proportionnellement parlant, les raleurs dans ton genre raleraient quand meme, a dire "on a plus assez d avance" alors que vous restez en avance ...) Toutes portions de "courir" ben tu vas gagnes du temps, meme dans les donjons Alru ou Divin, et les autres joueurs present dans le groupe ont de mauvaises sensations à cause de cet ecart, point barre. > Encore une fois, il reste encore +30-45 vdm pour Furie et Ombre, et si tu tiens tant a la vdm, vu que les degats ont up un peu (au pire indirectement, par exemple sur une utilisation plus libre du buff par sa durée) ... ben enleve collier/boucle DPS au profit de mix vdm, t aura encore PLUS de vdm qu avant, et des performances (degats) +/- similaire. Mais nope, vous faites genre juste dans le but d obtenir un truc non mérité du tout ... mode "gratteur", ni plus ni moins. (c est bien pour ca qui a pas d argument, ni suggestion ni rien ... et que ca table juste sur "flood partout" (aka repeter le meme messages, style "j ai pas compris" ... meme quand y a eu reponse/explication à la chose) (en option ne pas comprendre c est tout a fait legitime eventuellement; au depart --- mais une fois qui a eu eclaircissement, c est juste la mauvaise foi qui parle dans un but à peine caché ... mais qu on fait genre que c est pas le cas, comme si quiconque n aller pas voir le "vrai but" de commentaire de ce style) > Ca ete la meme a chaque modif de n importe quoi, et apres vous faites genre "pourquoi" y a pas d equilibrage performance (alors que vous faites limite un scandale pour un poil de vdm en mode avance monstre qui devient avance "plus raisonnable") Ben tu dis avoir joué Elem, les Elem se plaignent regulierment de leur "basse vdm" ... et c est pas question valeur, mais question de relativité avec ce qui est possible "à coté" (meme si là aussi c est bien souvent raleur chronique/grattage ... avec des cas de joueurs qui refusent de mettre bonnet lapin, carte perso vdm ou autre -- en plus des differences de classes) ------------------------------------- Tu fais genre "pas comprendre" ou "l offusqué" .. mais explique alors pkoi on a virer les bloqué? cree buff PvE? modif la vdm a de nombreuse reprise (en nerf et un buff, mais visant a chaque fois a "reduire des ecarts abusée") etc... dont les tentant rework Furie eux meme rendant Fusion jouable par exemple (et donc la vdm qui a dessus)... Les sensations de frustrations sont (pour la majorité) uniquement lié à la comparaison à d autre classe, qu on fait qu on le veuille ou non (juste certains joueurs plus que d autres) ... un Volti n aurait jamais l impression no DPS au boss s'il etait pas tant en retard (idem pour "groggy") ---- et si plusieurs classes ont monté sur ce point, c est justement parceque ca reste l endroit des plus grande frustration (justement parceque un "equilibrage monocible" est delicat à faire avec la minorité de joueurs qui "se revoltent" dés que leur avance absurde dans tel ou tel contexte (que ca soit kk chose de global ou de ciblé) reduit juste un poil). > Objectivement DPS monocible par exemple est toujours loin loin d etre "equilibrer" question performance mais les modif (pour les classes qui etait le plus dans la merde pour ca) vont pas mal reduire l impression de frustration (au moins un temps) ---- tout comme Elem sera content d etre "un peu mieux" en donjon chips, ou Oracle un peu mieux quand il doit faire un pack de mobs de end game solo alors que sa pierre a servi sur un autre pack, ou n a pas suffit ...etc... Note: et Furie aurait pu avoir un skill monocible aussi, mais sur quel skill? d autant que Furie a deja "trop de skills" dans la tete de beaucoup, donc bon... au pire ca arrivera p ete ultérieurement, enfin bon si le staff s en sent motivé sache que le genre de reponse comme la tienne est ce qui les incite à ne pas en faire, ils ont pas envi de faire la police de maternelle, ou de se prendre la tete de maniere globale (ou meme de voir certains joueurs (que je soit impliqué ou non, cf discord par exemple, ou je reste silencieux pour eviter des drama BS principalement) se chamailler --- qui ai ou non besoin de moderation, c est juste assez normal qu ils aiment pas voir une ambiance foireuse, meme si c est qu un effet de bord dans des cas borderline)) Qui plus est tu as été joueur beta des mois, pourquoi tu n as rien proposé, et me sort pas "pas le temps" ... parceque en 6 mois y a quand meme le temps de trouvé 30min perdu par ci par là, au pire look là sur forum pour te plaindre y a le temps, alors suggestion propre/equitable ou interessante c est bien aussi (et ca reste valable meme quand on est pas joueurs complementaire hein) --- ce n est pas une attaque ... juste encore une fois un truc que "je ne comprend pas" (pour reprendre tes mots) ... silencieux des mois, et dés qui a -30 vdm ca l ouvre, alors qui a des modif avec qui sont bien plus impactant que 30 vdm, et qu au pire y a toujours moyen de mix vdm (ce que les gens faisant ce que tu fais ici ne font generalement pas (dans la porportion de leur jeu; aka la majorité du temps ils jouent comme tout le monde 90% du temps en full bijou DPS) car c est ni plus ni moins qu une tenta d obtenir ou de conserver un avantage "abusif" (aussi "non decisif" que tu le juges) qui sera source de frustration ailleurs)) Note: et encore c est pas vraiment -30 vdm, mais avance de vdm de PLUS 60-75 qui reduit a PLUS 30-45 ... ca reste une avance considerable sur les autres (y compris les archer qui ne sont qu'a +20 au final vu que les 15 de leur buff sera donner à tout le groupe --- qui reste un element de puissance des archer au meme titre que les buff Furie, mais donc pas vraiment source de frustration pour un joueurs en groupe avec un archer puisqu il a le buff sur lui aussi en principe) ------------------------------------- Tu esquive mon message d explication en mode "c est du blabla", alors que tu commences le tiens en "je ne comprend pas", et ce sont des explications detaillées que je ne devrais meme pas avoir a faire. La majorité des jeux, quand t as des modif, ni le staff, ni les gens qui ont pu participé de près ou de loin ne vont justifier quoi que ce soit ... et si t etais pas en train de tenter un grattage, ben tu ne dirais rien (et encore moins a froid kk jour apres la maj, en ayant probablement quasiement pas jouer chu pret à parié) Joue la classe, et tu verras que les -30 vdm seront vite oublier, car la classe reste #1-2 (en "duo" avec Ombre) et donc toujours plus rapide en terme de courir qu ailleurs. (ou au pire comme tu dis toi meme c est pas "decisif", donc avoir OU NON ces +30 ne l est pas, huh --- notamment en Divin là on avance pas forcement ultra vite donc Elga en est le paroxisme) Et comme dit à d'autre (ou pour des commentaires similaire en Ombre ou autre), si vraiment Furie avait des faiblesses consequentes en degat ou autre amenant a etre en retard, ben c est ca qui serait rectifier et non pas « on va donner/laisser une move absurde pour compenser de maniere foireuse » xd > Sachant que ca n est simplement pas vrai, "retard" n'est pas le fait d avoir du retard sur 1 ou 2 classe en avance, mais d avoir du retard sur la MAJORITE des classes ... Furie est une bonne classe qui sera p ete "pas en avance" en terme de performance, mais elle n est pas en retard non plus (en supposant eviter de confondre classe et stuff ... ou gameplay pas au point) --- et encore une fois cela est au dela d un equilibrage performance (qui n est pas le but ici) .. mais ca resterait valable meme si c'etait le cas.
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