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  1. i agree and disagree.. yes people go on and do daily and log off, but at least they do daily ? now i know many people that dont farm or rarely but without a goal and why is it "worst teamplay"?! this way people would come online together to do at least the daily ? now im not asking anyone to farm divine lol.. The team should really rethink this thing. Theres a lot of ways how you could implement it, i would accept any. (and for moufr really it makes zero difference if it "speeds" up the whole progess, the whole thing still takes super long and you know it).
  2. Theres a lot of things they COULD do, but Abys confirmed in Discord that they dont plan to add a quoti..
  3. it got removed and reworked, If you press "h" you can start the production dungeons and thats how you farm those ingridients now
  4. +1 (same for lv8) but thats another thing
  5. look IF we farm it is ~483 runs for a 10* weapon (last upgrade is 180 powder) and its just 500 damage each time. imo its completely braindead. it should increas slowly as it does from +5 up to +25. I wouldnt put the endgame content farming into the same basket as optimizing gear. Everyone wants to have endgame gear and after that you can optimize.
  6. Nah i will not ignore and not answering everything u said because it would be another big text and nobody would read that. What i know for sure theres quite some people that read this post and also your answer. I think most of the english community are quiet but some of my thoughts were also shared by them. Im farming with a lot of different people (not only guildies) and they say the same about some points. Some complain about the Alruw mats (even tho you try to talk it down, especially at the start its a bit more). Its not that there will be more Groups, me and my Guildmates either go solo or with mules, in the end we would never accept randoms with way less stats.. Other complain about the extra part that you have to wear in dungeons even with a full divine set.. As mentioned it doesnt feel very rewarding grinding for 10*, as you said its only opti like expanding etc but its still our endgame content and people aim for at least the latest set and thats a 10* Divine Set. For class balance i disagree in most Points with you but i am one of 3 summoner player, so there wont be many comments or people that will discuss about it (except you).
  7. this sounds good (or just make it for the whole map :p)
  8. Hey, i want to share my thoughts about the Horizon and the recent "balance" Patch. Horizon: In my opinion the whole idea and the implementation of Horizon was a very good way to implement the Divine Dungeons (comparable with expert from Dragon Saga) which offer us 9 predominantly new dungeons. Some really old maps got reworked and reimplemented. I also like the new upgrade System. The flying with mounts are super cool and im really impressed that it works so good. (i dont like that theres a p2w pet with lv 5 speed hmmmm but its ugly anyways so not a big deal 🤔) So in Conclusion the new content is great, but now after playing it for some time i want to point out some negative points. First of all there is not much clarity about some details about upgrading the set. While some specific player are in the testing or balancing team and know everything, the rest of the playerbase stands in the dark. Imo it is not really fair (and tbh you cant tell me they will not tell their friends) Well it is what it is. Now after some time people reached their 8* Weapon and got the Elga Master Medal. So to craft ONE 10* Weapon you will need way more runs than 250 (which is needed for the Medal). I know for a fact you guys dont really care about alts or having 2 sets (pvp/pve) but if you calculate everything it comes to a really retarded amount of runs that you will need to have a 10* Set + Weapon. What is it ? 400 Elga a ~15-20min, 500 Farrel a ~5-10 min, 450 Endairon a ~5-10 min, 300 Lavalon a ~10 min, 500 Akanai a ~5-10 Min, 300 Satyre a ~10 min, 100 Bone a ~35-45 min and 260 Paris a ~10-15 min ?? All this for 1 Set?! Okay its a rough estimation but this would mean its around ~450h pure farming... I know you want to keep us in the game but theres a line from where it is just to much. And what if i want to play another class? I know you can salvage Stones, but at the moment those rocketed so hard because everyone is rushing the set. It would probably be better if stones had more usage than just at the start. Why did you not do it like that: Making divine = 3 Stones, 1* = 1 Stone, 2* = 2Stones etc and the powder could still be used for crafting stones. This way the whole path doesnt feel so hard and not rewarding. Also the jumps of a * is always the same (every time +500 matk on weap or +2Dcc on glove for example). Why not make it better the higher it goes ? I could stop and 9* and would deal the exact same damage than anyone with 10* and on Top of that i could probably craft another 9* Set instead in the same time. On Top of that i dont understand why we need Sera Orbs to upgrade the Divine Set, i mean yeah it looks cool that theres a pentagram with the Orbs but why ? People who dont have any orbs need to farm 176 Orbs EACH... Adds up even more time for a 10* Set.. Another Point is i dont understand why we still have to use the Specific item for each Dungeon after completing the Divine Set.. We should have a Divine Aura or something that works for every dungeon sothat we can use our whole Damage Potential in ever Dungeon.. Okay now Divine Scrolls: WHY?! Okay some lucky people probably have some +20 scrolls laying around but after that you will need like 80-150 scrolls per item (with every enchant success extra) which means you will need 720- 1350 FKING Divine Scrolls. Lets say you are lucky and need 1000, that would mean you need to buy 4000 Regular and 2000 Advanced IS. calculated with normal prices that is 4000*250 + 2000*300 =1.600.000 Gold. Like wtf? Okay. You dont need full +25 for now, Top, Bottom Back and rest +21 would be enough (or maybe lower) but it still needs a lot of IS for all that. On top of that the Divine Set doesnt increase in defense. WHY ?! it makes PVP instanly unbalanced. someone with 10* now deals way more dmg which is not compensated in having more defense. ^This part is lowkey understandable because you keep your Expander and Soulcrafts when you make your Sera set Divine. But imo its not fair that you have to save up 1 Million Gold before upgrading into Divine Set. (-> also this makes me rethink why do you guys still keep 12k gold for extracting cards, it makes 0 sense... People who want to pvp or People who want to be smart gets punished for nothing, in every other server this was so cheap and free) Thoughts on PVE balance: I only tested Summoner and heared some stuff from player so i will mainly talk about that -removing Cast time is great for probably every player Summoner: -adding bird damage on Power buff is great (its basically a buff because the bird buggs 99% in a group of 4 because of group buff limit "bug") -Dragon Tooth Buff is really good and noticeable (i didnt ask for it but i take it) -Impact buff ? idk why probably for Gold Dungeon or some other things -> makes no sense to me, imo the CD should be back to 4 Seconds as it was before (PVE AND PVP BTW) Damage on this was not needed and really useless for Divine - Smart shot change i personally dont like it at all, i have to move in front of mobs now and staying slightly lower or higher makes every bubble to miss and on top of that sometimes only 2 or 1 bubble hit the boss because of this (-> really dont liket his change) - the shot speed increase is very nice for bosses etc but with the change above it makes it idk useless (there was no reason to do it, it changes nothing tbh) -Volcano buff ??????????? useless skill, it knocks up Monster, it either needs a way way better buff or a rework as in not launching or more hits, idk (Maybe also for Gold dung idk ?) ->kinda useless for divine - bird CD change is good and nice if it bugs but idk i dont see any use in it except heal ->>>> Imo buff the Ult, dont overbuff it like goon ulti but if its slightly better it would be a good filler between the high Cooldowns of summoners best AOE skills let rolling stone hit at least 10 or 15 monster, its the only "pushing" skill and so often in a group of 20 mobs its annoying if only some get pushed (Meteor Rain also only hits 5 Monster) In my opinion some classes look a bit overbuffed but hard to say. I think overall theres some skill for nearly every class that doesnt hit a lot of mobs and this should be changed (for example Goons rolling hits 6 monster, why not a bit more ?)
  9. Jack

    password reset

    Create a new account and write a ticket or try pming cms on discord maybe
  10. Ice has 17,8k ele resi (6,5k demo resi) Mana Shield is lv 10, description says 40% absorbtion. Watching this video its around 25% of all incoming dmg. Would be a heavy nerf for people that play in aim/Dps Maybe half the effect instead of completely blocking it? Just saying that without mana shield sorcerer would tank as less as summoner and maybe invo? And Ippo and Wyla stop posting your screens/vids/clips whatever nobody cares lol
  11. Honestly, its not hard to level up a guild to level 5. If your guild has 10 People doing it daily your guild will be lv 5 in 1-2 Months. Also if elem has 20% more vda it wouldnt change a lot. As some people already said the problem is more likely the animations. Usually you cast one skill, get catched and die. Elem got low resistance and gets hitted hard by every class and also isnt very thanky. Those 20% only would help catching player (and not really a lot, I'd like to see back the 42% missing) and that would be a 1v1 change, not a "group pvp/bsq" balancing. Imo reduce Impact CD back to 4 seconds, i really dont get this change, it wasnt gamebreaking at all or anything. theres way worse skills (for example fire emblem) that have 4 seconds CD and have way more impact. I agree to dragoon and senti changes. Arcanist Nerf is kinda interesting. It will end up being as "tanky" as a elem. having ~55 normal resi and 47k mdef (without sera ring). For people that play in full aim or full Dps it will be a pain to die super fast but for those people that went full tank (700k hp++ 18k ele resi) this will be a good change. Oracle changes sounds good but imo Freeze should stay 100%. Destroyer 15% ms nerf is to much and i personally dont see a reason for a ms nerf here.
  12. if you say it this way, you could half of an alruw set in that time instead lol and who wants to spam 30 hour gold dung to end up with fails. remove the fking rng
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