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  1. no shit when u talk about 1v1 xD u dont know how much the nerfs of summy affected 1v1 situations 😅
  2. best class for rushing a group with 4 ppl is summy 💩
  3. Hello, i already wrote in Discord but idk if everyone sees it. Could you make MyHome stuff tradeable and infinite? or at least that we can expand it with cash? and can you make cookie recipe etc infinite (Like Dragon Saga) or is it not planned? I think its a very good idea especially for the lower level people.
  4. Jack


    not 100% sure, is there a post or calculations somewhere? and my intention was more to suggest a trade like 10 or max 15 3*4 cards for one 4*4 sothat the 3*4 become more valuable again. and another idea came up to trade atk cards to resi cards.. i have friends that drop 5*4 attack or 4*4 which are absolutely useles (?) or unused and if they could trade them for defense cards that would make them useful. i mean the chance is so rare and youre just disappointed once u get them as attack card. for solo as i said i dont really care for myself.. i just wanted to mention it is a bit to hard (even if solo is not wanted) hmm 100 was maybe a bit exaggerated but yeah as bety said sometimes you help your friends/guildmates or whatever and you have leftover iso mats. tbh an alruw mats trade would be nice but i thought that could be to much requested? -> because people would maybe just start 4 ppl solo runs to abuse it. But if the amount is well chosen then it could be possible.
  5. Jack


    my thought is that people use these cards until they get better cards (or better EQ) and then they usually just destroy the card in it or let it rod on the EQ (-> wasted gold) if now people could just extract them they would have at least something from it and might even use lower cards on for example heavenly for farming alruw (in the end better if you watch all the costs to max a character) and so if this option would be possible it would be nice to have the option to remove them from eq to trade it to a better card and if the amount that u need is fair enought the price would remain the same and 3*4 would also raise at least after some time which is also nice when farming element cards. -> you either get no good drop for hours or you get 1 op (expensive) card and your argument that the rich side would stay in advantage.. i didnt ask for 5* 4 resi or 5*5 atk which would just be stupid to have. I think rich people usually have like 2-3 cards of these and that doesnt change the world in the end so that would be okay. BUT having the option to trade 4*4 resi cards and 4*5 ele atk cards would end up having more people with these cars. Right now you see 2 types of player: people that think 100k x7 (or 9) + 300k x3 is a fair and good price for a char and people that think 2~5k x7 (or 9) + maybe 30k x3 is fine for element EQ. My thought is that most player and the market has a excess of 3*4 resi cards and 2*5 atk cards which are kinda useless or have no real worth value to sell. So people just let them rod in their inventory or idk give them away for free. If you take the old standard price for 3*4 resi card of 5k and compare it to 4*4 resi price (around 100k) that would be 1/20 so for example let the price be 20 3*4 resi cards for one 4*4.resi card. If 3*4 price would raise to idk 5-6k again (makes a price of 45k- 54k which still is affordable or cheap compared) that also wouldnt be bad for people that farm elements because if you drop it you can at least make a bit gold of it. Overall i think people would farm more ele (again?) and try to get their gear done and to max their cards. Bety already said it.. many people have a few 100 of these in their inventory and they have no use.. making a new char with iso set is ... idk useless? and theres no use -> would be nice to have a use for it. I would also be okay with trading 5 (or 10) of them to 1 Sera orb or something like that 😛 ... but that would come to late i think idk if it got adjusted already? but i did one solo daily (because i couldnt find someone at 23:00 to rush it) sometimes you just dont find someone but i died like 3 times in these runs because i got stunned and there was no chance to come out and i died.. in duo/group mode you usually lose 30-50% max from the stun combo... stupidly explained but yeah solo strength is just op compared to other mode which is as you said intended but i was in full sera gear with pve stuff and i think it is still a bit to hard. You could just half the damage of these mobs and it would still be harder than in duo mode -> especially Pome boss was hard. I actually dont wana talk for me since i rarely do solo alruw but i guess other people that dont have full for example heavenly +25 will have a hard life and they will never ever touch solo mode if they try it once (my guess). Wouldnt recommend solo anyways because every dungeon has 2 different ways that you have to complete so imo -> Duo is best.. its just sometimes you have to solo, especially for people that live in different time zones for example -> my asian friend always did it solo because he did it in the night at 3:00 am server time when you dont really find people for it..
  6. Jack


    -give free option to remove 3*4 ele cards and all sockets cards below 9* without any costs (-> doesnt make sense) (half costs for 9* maybe or also include it) -give option to change iso mats to exco orbs -change solo alruwman strength? -> the damage that you get is op af if you join solo (even with pve sera set) -make an option to trade 4*4 resi cards and 3 and 4*5 attack cards (for example 10 cards for 4*4 resi, 5x 2*5 for 3*5 and 5~10 for 4*5)
  7. Ragged Ghost Hat (+ 15% DCC) Little Ghost Hat (+ 6% DCC)
  8. Jack

    Mise à jour 0.919.57

    yeah would prefer spamming the christmas dungeon for 1 hour instead of going into f6 in general.. i think most people hate f6...
  9. i mean look here? why would it be a problem to just copy it for the guy in eden and change it to vasio medal? and maybe we dont even need requirements for it because who would waste 20 orbs if you get the medal anyways over time while farming your first set?
  10. Just work with this suggestion, its a very good idea (same could be invented for Iso medals)
  11. heres a pic of the skills .. meteor is kinda fast same for soike wave but the rest is just long af and if you cast them theres super high risk that ure getting catched
  12. in celeste we had attack range and that was really nice and maybe a bit op but it got fully removed (LOL) instead of just nerfing it...
  13. Hmm yeah why you avoid as variance? If you stack as you lack ms or damage or anything else and now u took away the option to decide. - AS reduction is NOT linked to 120 FPS release --- AS reduction was required since years after years powercreep got to a level were everything became too fast ("almost instant") ... and above that the border effect or perma super armor >> meaning there was no reaction possible, only face tanking everything on a "status" battle --- but without any I-frame which is the core of games that go that way> Note: and yes, we are aware it is mostly still there (animation speed and/or super armor) ... but it's changes on a Live server, it has to come "little by little" even if that's frustating well okay but this heavy as decrease change the whole game and many player quitting/playing less because of this - Thief and Archer buff were removed because those buff can be given to other classes, thus make a +15 variable that is unwanted in PvP --- as for the thief or archer themselves, well, would that skill not be blocked they would still have the same value in the end, it would just have been nerfed somewhere else. and? theres AS caps + since this is a hardcore archer boosted server theres always archer in your team in arena/and mostly in bsq aswell so you could just let it stay // its good for hunting aswell as for deffing (my opinion) idk.. its not that you have 0 chance to avoid..: it depends on your positioning and the enemy positioning, now you can only catch if the enemy is in your own line.. before we had a bit of scope now its only nearly a straight line (you need a bit of lucky that the enemy runs into it? 😞 hmm but from an objetive view even you kinda said it should be done (even tho it would be unliked) hmm its just that an invoker that uses that + flinch on x and superarmor on x ?(you can avoid rolling stone stun with it???) its not possible for some classes to catch invoker well then we need changed rates (maybe 70% and -2 sec duration and -1 sek freeze time or similar).. but you see so often 1 sorcerer permalocking 4 people in the corner without any effort and no change was made here... ghost fighter as i said has easy counter for most classes but yeah this skill is borderlined and also has not a big range.. im not a fan of this rain of fire and its just an easier catch as barbarian with a bigger range and can fish ppl out of air (lowkey)? why they deserver such a buff? first sentence is really by a player that doesnt play the class (or not enough) but impact pressure with +2 second cd is really changing the playstyle.. you need that skill to save yourself (in 1v1 situations or to have a 2nd catching try after spell trap. and now we dont have it. and you spell prison change is a joke.. sorry but first not everyone plays in 375 ms.. (some use exta ms gear, if theres no evade bob in enemy and even then) and do u know how rarely enemy getting hit of it? and its not that it reduces -300 ms its only 75 (now) and only for 1-2 seconds. if it would be 10 second that would be fairer for example and also not op... and the cd + duration now is just a joke for the nerfed effect.. well it is but for an objetctive view about bsq/group pvp i expected more. you cast rolling stone = ure dead and you cant deny that. wich other class have it? and even if im not dead after casting rolling hm? how many skills can i add.. maybe 1 or 2 and they take 5 years animation and/or cast time... -> not objective its is group pvp balancing and not 1v1 so idk.. i think my ideas would fit group pvp balancing.. its half of your thoughts (the debuff stuff) + things that are needed.. well could make another post but its not the right timing (and nobody would even listen -> wouldnt change anything)
  14. Hello in my opinion the real problems were not being touched with the balancing update: -Snipe Damage -shoot down damage -red arrow (amount of hits + dmg) -ddl catch -bear cooldown/cast time -antiair shot dmg -freeze duration of blizzard --- I dont talk about the vdm changes because some of them were really needed. but for Archer: - Rapid Step: The skill no longer works in PvP. and Thief:- Thief's Agility: cannot be used in PvP anymore. make them useable again. (its not a big deal and good to have in the team) (maybe take 15 ms from archer passive in exchange!) And change Ninja fusion back to the old ms (+60) in my opinion higher fps is nice -> i would uncap it for pve (if that works) or set it to 150 in general -> pvp (except 1v1 or ~3v3 in arena) is mostly not 150 fps at all because laggs etc. The fps change caused this: => Items:- Ice weapons (enhanced): The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 10% to 5%.The HP bonus is increased from 4% to 10%. -> could overall stay like this but not needed- Bear Bracelet:Added a 5% Attack Speed bonus. -> is okay but not needed but i think its to match some of your changes .. (but still nice for pve)- Watermelon Bracelet:The HP bonus has been removed.->important - Lv.9 Attack Speed Socket Card:Added Malus: 4 Elements Elemental Resistance -1500 ->stupid. if people wana play attack speed they should be allowed to without a malus.. doesnt make sense and is 100% moufrs idea, some people take as, some take dcc, some take aim, some take dodge, if you use the one u dont get the bonus from the other so i dont like this change (especially for 1v1 its stupid)- Attack Speed Premium Socket Card => Movement Speed Premium Socket CardThe bonus has been changed to +3% Movement Speed. The card has been renamed. -> stupid, because everyone should be able to chose it- Character Card:The bonus giving Attack Speed +8% has been replaced by Movement Speed +10%. -> useless change bc nobody used it anyways (vdm>vda in 99% of the cases) - All Heavenly, Seraphic and Isoris Gloves (except gloves for Destroyer/Sorcerer classes) lose 10% Attack Speed. - The Attack Speed bonus is set to 15% on the Pesentio Achievement.- The Attack Speed bonus is set to 15% on the Pomerium Achievement. -> what about vasio medal? to have vda in pve aswell (some classes could need it)- Added a 10% Attack Speed bonus on all Isoris Bottoms. - Added a 10% Attack Speed bonus.on all Isoris Shoes. ??? just give the gloves back the old attack speed rates - Added maximum Attack Speed values per class in Arena and PvP.Sentinel: 230% -> should be 270 to properly use chain combo and shoot down etc in a normal conditioned speedDestroyer: 260% -> 260 or 270 to properly use chain combo and shoot down etc in a normal conditioned speed and sniperDragoon: 210% okay, maybe a bit moreOverlord: 270% 250~260% is enough i think (this is usually for 1v1 situations anyways =/= why balance it for this)Invoker: 240% 260 or 270 because not everyone has 120 fps in a 10v10 bsq. i think nobody really complained about 240 but to be fair its okay to let it on 270 IF the damage will also be changed to be fair!Sorcerer: 240% not really needed, only for x damage and chain -> let it uncappedSavage: 220% unnecessary, only for chaining out of combos Ninja: 220% unnecessary, only for chaining out of combos Jumeaux: 262% its okay i think?Earth Master: 260% -> should be 300 and let me explain why: all elems are used to catch with ~280+ as and the animation of ww is only good at around 300 to catch properly (after impact pressure for example) -> maybe reduce damage on x (needs testing) Sentinel:- Heavenly Set 4 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 35% to 25%.- Alruwman Set 6 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 35% to 25%.Invoker:- Heavenly Set 4 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 65% to 43%.- Alruwman Set 6 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 65% to 43%.Sorcerer:- Heavenly Set 3 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 35% to 30%.- Alruwman Set 6 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 35% to 30%.Dragoon:- Heavenly Set 3 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 25% to 12%.- Alruwman Set 6 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 25% to 12%.Overlord:- Heavenly Set 4 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 75% to 65%.- Alruwman Set 6 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 75% to 65%.Savage:- Alruwman Set 6 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 40% to 22%.Ninja:- Alruwman Set 6 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 50% to 20%.Earth Master:- Heavenly Set 4 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 50% to 18%.- Alruwman Set 6 piece Bonus: The Attack Speed bonus is decreased from 50% to 18%. -> change these set effect to reach my caps or +/- 10% for senti/destroyer(sniper) : set a fix value for red arrow (chain combo) like idk 12 or 15 hits (thats balance team stuff) overall im not a big fan of vda caps but i think with infinite fps its necessary and these are my ideas. AND these caps should be reached with having a full maxed aim char without the use of any extra gear with loses you aim rate/hp etc. This is for vda and vdm.. -remove the flinch of first x attack from chaincombo! and remove superarmor on invoker x spam ! Now we go over to skills: => Skills:Archer:- Shootdown: Cooldown Time is increased from 5s to 7s. -> good change but where is the damage nerf?Specialist:- Sniping: Number of hits (level 5) is decreased from 6 to 5. -> let the 6 hits, nerf damage onlyMonk:- Barbarian: Freeze Duration is decreased from 4s to 3,5s and the cooldown time is increased from 6s to 8s. weird change.. let it 4 seconds (to not change the gameplay completely?)Priest:- Barrier: cannot be used in PvP anymore. -> add perfect seal to this (its the same op barrier)Elementalist:- Impact Presser: Cooldown Time is increased from 4s to 6s. not understandable change by people that just wana nerf anything at this class, back to 4 secondsEarth Master:- Rolling Stone: Duration is decreased from 6s to 5s and the stun duration is decreased from 3s to 1.5s. -> let the duration at 6 seconds and change the stun back to 3 seconds -> double animation speed and remove the cast time of this skill to make it viable for group pvp (this balancing is only for group pvp/bsq remember) -> increase cooldown to 16 secondsWarrior:- Sword Dance: The range is adjusted at level 5 for all skill levels. -> the range feels the same? idk.. fix the cancel thing.. (remove canceling this OR fix it) -Hammercrush: add 3 seconds cd to remove 1 skill spamming.. -add 1 or 2 seconds on the stun chain comboGladiator:- Gamble: cannot be used in PvP anymore. -> hmm nah let it in (not game changing, and you only do it for as/ms... but its okay, dont take away a funny skill of this class) -> balance the stats (13 (or 18?)% crit rate is op and also some other)Knight:- Spin it Bear!: Cooldown Time is increased from 5s to 8s.-> Maybe more cd and add 0,2 sek cast time! -> no joke this skill is just op.. description says it has cast time of 0,3 but it has not.. add it back and maybe increase the cooldown again because this skill is just broken af in group pvp.. maybe let it hit 2 enemys max aswell.. This skill needs fair balancing!Wizard:- Fire Emblem: Cooldown Time is increased from 4s to 4.5s and duration is decreased from 4s to 3.5s. useless change.. -> change it back ->>>>> half blizzard freeze time Warlock:- Frozen Shot: Duration is decreased from 4s to 3.5s and the Attack Speed/Movement Speed debuff are removed. -> its okay actually but duration should stay the same!- PVE Buff: Added a Critical Damage bonus of +100%.Infiltrator:- Swift Attack: Cooldown Time is increased from 6s to 9s. -> useless but okayAssassin:- Perfect Strike: Cooldown Time is increased from 10s to 15s.-> already changed back but was fair tbh since ninja running in bsq with 420 ms + this skill was op.. but we will seeJumeaux:- Powe Weaving: Cooldown Time is increased from 7s to 12s.- Ghost Fighter : cannot be used in PvP anymore. -> dont do this.. the skill was already change and you can counter it + it was only "op" in 1v1 and this is group pvp balancing... guys please => Balance changes*Warrior- Sword Dance: The Cooldown Time is set to 4s in PvE.- Icecold Heart:The debuff decreasing the Attack Speed is removed.The debuff now applies -15 Movement Speed and lasts 6s. its fine*Knight- Spin it Bear!: The Cooldown Time is set to 5s in PvE.*Myrmidon- Bloody Roar: The skill can no longer be used in PvP. ->actually i didnt have a problem with it since the high cd but somehow you guys are correct.. the damage is a bit broken? idk maybe just lower the damage a bit for pvp only- Death Bound:Also inflicts -50 Hit Rate and Evade Rate at all skill levels.No longer inflicts an Agility debuff.Debuff duration is set to 30s.*Magician- Fire Field (Z Combo): The Burn debuff is removed.*Monk/Priest/Invoker- Lightning Rod: The duration is set to 4s. -> change it back tot he old value- Barbarian:The Cooldown Time is set to 6s in PvE.The percentage of inflicting Freeze has been increased to 100% at level 10. The lower levels of the skill have been adjusted accordingly.- Rain of Fire:The Cooldown Time is increased from 6s to 8s in PvP. A knockdown effect has been added. what did u guys smoke when u thought about this?? change it back.... its a nice idea but not needed (invoker is still lowkey broken af) and nobody asked for this. dont give them a free ddl weird thing*Mage- Fire Emblem: The Cooldown Time is set to 4s in PvE.*Archer- Shootdown; The Cooldown Time is set to 5s in PvE.*Marksman/Specialist/Destroyer- Sniping: The maximum number of hits is set to 6 hits in PvE. (This number remains at 5 in PvP)- Gatling Rush: The impervion effect is removed.- Vulcan 300:The incantation is now instantaneous.The duration is set to 3s.The Cooldown Time is decreased from 120s to 30s. -> good change*Hunter/Pathfinder/Sentinel- Freezing Trap: The Freeze duration is decreased from 4.3s to 4s. -> okay..- Untouchable: The skill can no longer be used in PvP. .->good and needed (was op lol)- Ice Storm: The debuff now inflicts -15 Movement Speed and lasts 10s.*Infiltrator/Assassin/Ninja- Swift Attack: The Cooldown Time is set to 6s in PvE and 8s in PvP.- Perfect Strike: The Cooldown Time is set to 10s.- Wood Rush: Now inflicts a debuff of -20 Hit Rate and -20 Movement Speed for 6s.- Violent Blow: The percentage of inflicting Stun is increased from 25% to 35% per hit. -> would say 30% max because 35 % is op- PVE Buff: The Movement Speed bonus is set to 40%. Missing: savage: final decision increase cooldown by 3 second and make the skill unable to hit on ground to make the easiest groundlock not work anymore *Shaman/Summoner/Elementalist/Earth Master- Rolling Stone: The Cooldown Time is set to 8s in PvE.- Summon Blesser: The skill can no longer be used in PvP.- Earthquake: The debuff preventing dashes (both on the ground and while jumping) is removed.- Spike Wave: The debufff now inflicts -15 Movement Speed/Attack Speed for a duration of 6s.- Spell Prison:The Movement Speed debuff has been decreased from 70% to 51% at level 5.The debuff time has been decreased to 10 seconds.The Cooldown Time is set to 30s.The lower levels of the skill have been adjusted accordingly.- Mega Spike Wave:The duration of the debuffs preventing dashes is set to 2s.The Slow debuff is removed.The incantation time for the following skills has been adjusted:- Meteor Rain: now instantaneous.- Volcano: now instantaneous.- Spell Trap: now instantaneous.- Elemental Storm: now instantaneous.- Earthquake: decreased from 0.5s to 0.1s.- Spike Wave: decreased from 0.5s to 0.1s.- Rolling Stone: decreased from 0.7s to 0.3s.- Mega Spike Wave: decreased from 0.8s to 0.4s.- Spell Prison: now instantaneous. I dont know what u thought when making summy balance... feels like 70% skills are blocked in pvp and were forced to use x only but heres my suggestion..: revert everything u guys did and change this: (since Bird is back in my suggestionyou must add 0,3 second cast time on some skills) this is with bird active: Double animation speed of all these skills and remove cast time:- Meteor Rain- Volcano- Spell Trap- Elemental Storm- Earthquake- Spike Wave- Rolling Stone- Mega Spike Wave.- Spell Prison -Dragon tooth Add your changes for ms/as/debuffs: - Earthquake: The debuff preventing dashes (both on the ground and while jumping) is removed.- Spike Wave: The debufff now inflicts -15 Movement Speed/Attack Speed for a duration of 6s.- Spell Prison:The Movement Speed debuff has been decreased from 70% to 51% at level 5.The lower levels of the skill have been adjusted accordingly. Spell Prison: change duration to 10 minutes -> change it to 30% MS at level 5 and let the enemy have the debuff for 6 seconds ->>>> i think this value is fair (needs testing) Dragon tooth: change the Cooldown to 3 seconds. Earth Master:- Rolling Stone: -> double animation speed and change cast time to 0,15 sec to make it viable for group pvp (this balancing is only about group pvp/bsq remember) -> increase cooldown to 16 seconds or 18 Actually these changes are daring and you guys will never ever even think about balancing it like this but this is a view by a player that looks more or less objetive over this class! I think damage of all these skills above needs to be lowered by 25% if theyre getting change like this for pvp. This value needs to be tested but i think it is fair. I know a damage patch will follow later but these are the actual problems and my thoughts about the recent balancing patches.. i also think that my ideas (if you'd change it like this) would also bring back some pvper that nearly quit the game... Arenas are super empty recently and obviously your balancing team is responsible for this..
  15. Jack

    Mise à jour 0.919.54

    *hust* you mean -> it leads to a more inactive game. *hust* vous voulez dire -> et honnetement ca amene a un jeu plus inactif.
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