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  1. yeah its funny how this guy keeps repeating this. we're listening facts and he says "gngn you defend cheating" also the tag on abys and the demand to close the topic is kinda cringe - Dragon Saga fixed it "kinda". You cant move the window to make your game freeze. Also they added 144 fps cap which makes the game barely lagg. I think if you have a bad pc and spam buttoms like i,o,l,k etc to force many tabs to open you could still freeze and yeah THIS you really cant fix (except you go very deep) but yeah Offi kinda fixed it
  2. I know Lux wouldnt answer you, thats why i do it. Lux and all his accounts got deleted from the game. Now Months after he created a new Char. Also he promised to not hack again so i dont really see your problems with him showing us bugs that shouldnt exist. The way he did it is questionable
  3. To be fair, even I didnt realize it directly. The english section is kinda dead and most leftover "english" player are using the french forum which basically became international. Besides that for the Feedback its nice to see someone starting this. I was thinking of doing the same but just after the Season Server ends. In my opinion the Season Server was a success for the player and also for the game owner. I really liked the Challenge to grind for the fastest lv 95 but at a point its just stupid that you can create 4 goons to win this challenge. Also the pay 2 win aspect in this is there. I would advise (if there will be another Season Server) to open the cash shop AFTER people reached lv 95 or after 3 days or something like this to make it even more of a challenge and give everyone the same opportunities) For the success Points im on moufrs Side; Imagine you grind for 340k + Success Points which takes a lot of time and << in the end >> doenst give you anything besides a name on a board that noone ever opens. Its probably not even enough for that after the "Server Merge". Im happy that i didnt try to grind for this. It looks like People used a lot of nights to macro those Pvp wins etc.😄 -- To Aurden: Idk why you even mention Pvp. We know how it runs on Atlas or any other Server. its always toxic. theres only a handful people that pvp for fun, the rest just pvps for win at any cost, last one is majority. I wouldnt rate this part into the success of the Season Server, because on Season Server Emporia was a big thing. We could see some really challenging fights and i think it even runs better than on Atlas because people really tried to get Emporia castle to enchant. Bsq on the other side was also cool; on some lower lvls we could see the good old meta where people one shot each other. in higher lvl area it was kinda dead, sometimes theres people but im not active enough anymore to really be able to talk about it. For crashes in GDE, its nice that moufr trying to explain how crashes happen but in the end they will come sooner or later even without flawed/corrupt game files. It became a multiclient farm, i spammed it with 4 chars and crashes came up every 20-30 min. its not that big of a deal since you can rejoin but it was super annoying and i think it also influenced the market prices, because some player prefered to farm gold instead. (Before the "fix" it was way worse... so yeah it was a bit sad that the dungeon was still bugged after the start of the season server, but it felt like it was fixed asap). For the ones critisizing Iso Area, quests, maps. You dont have to do it, you could also just f7 till 79 but is it that what you want? I like those Iso quests and their areas and i think new player think the same (this is a reflection of when i started Drago eu) Also for Alruwman its nonsense to mention it, because at best you farm Iso shoulders/shoes/brace or even weapon but imo its time waste if you are NOT a new player. One thing i realized farming Iso is that the Lio or Lezpa boss one shot you with some of their skills aka the cry or fear attacks. its really painfull even with 20k defense and 30k hp to lose the power buff. Would be cool if we could refresh the power buff using ultimate because some classes just lose to much dps. <- i really hope this last part gets some attention
  4. Turp why do you mention so much bs and go off topic whenever you can? also you spread more lies about me, just shut the fuck up, your input is full of nonsense. but funny that you guys are talking to yourself since noone is answering đŸ€­ nobody said something else? empo relog is not forbidden here so you should accept if anyone uses it. its also not encountered as bug abuse (so in the eyes of the dev/staff its prob a mechanic?) funny that you mention mule in bsq? this is not the only time -> also its not a "bug", you just cant punish it or do you wana kick a random enemy ? lol afk in bsq? hahahah you did it so often, nearly in every latest bsq. @IppoKO and many other can confirm it, who ever had you in the team had a free mule that afks and let the own team lose on purpose kicking people in arene 2? cant you read patch notes - its already fixed using party - wasnt it fixed aswell? idk how it returned but yeah should get fixed - but isnt this also encountered as bug abuse? using jumper? how you wana fix it? you must remove jumper or fix walls. anyways you need a ninja for this since pet bug is fixed but its funny how you still mention fixed things. please get your infos right before you trash us with your bs.. Also its funny how you rant in forum while you dont play the game. You are something like a walmart moufr now đŸ„¶ cheers
  5. everyone does it but nice that you mention passione in any possible way you can. Also theres no clear rules or prohibition about this so why you keep mentioning it 24/7? hypocrite
  6. idk what you smoked today but the server balance is all about bsq/group pvp and the old sleep there + the 30% on vb would be more of a nerf than a buff Idk i dont like the idea of cast time. It just wouldnt fit the ninja style imo
  7. -> would say the same . -> tbh if its 100% and has the old sleep effect that would be better (and more intended) as it is now -> should be 30% per hit max, 35% is too broken, if you say otherwise then you should lay your ninja glasses off
  8. Dude just to make it clear for you. Lux aka Archerng did a lot of shittery in this server and therefore his main acc (and i highly believe also some other) got deleted from the game. The current Character is a new one. Before his Deletion his char got the mentioned numbers of pvps/bsqs. Im explaining you because you didnt play that time.
  9. and? descriptions doesnt get updated after patches so its a wrong one and tbh it hits like 40-50% also it got changed here to make it a full 4 seconds stun that you cant wake up I really wonder if you were trolling with that sentence? You think a basically double freeze hitbox who can hit in air with 90% chance that make u "sleep" for 4 seconds is fair in any way? xD
  10. I agree, fix Hypnotizer in Abyssal Zone
  11. the droprate wouldnt change, neither the initial card price for 4*4 resi, so if you drop it and your intention is to sell it you would probably still get ~100k. (anyways there still super rare drops 5*/6*) even tho you guys here tell me theres no big difference, it is still around 20% mini and after you optimize everything else you wana focus on cards and farming ele for 1 month straight 3 hours a day shouldnt be the goal to then end up with maybe 1 4*4 resi card (if lucky) And spectating the votes, theres some pveer that are against (probably because 3* cards would increase a bit? -> depending on staffs decision of crafting costs in the end) and people that that got their gear done and dont need to think about this anymore. they are happy that they could get their cards for 100k when the whole server and ele farming was more active (or the pvp scene in general) The people on the other side are the ones having maybe a few of these cards at max and are still grinding for them i guess. I see that 3*4 would raise from 5k to maybe 10k (if the amount would be 10k for example) but this decision belongs to the staff. and if you pay 5 or 10k for those 3*4 resi cards doesnt matter that much. theres maybe 10 cards on the whole server, who cares about them. --> Nobody would request for 5*4 resi uptrade, its a bad argument. Its just in the current state of the game maximum cancer to find 4*4 resi cards for a fair price and about the droprate we dont need to talk. Anyways now think you farm element to try to "finish" or improve your ele cards. Whenever you drop a 3*4 card or 2*5 atk you will be a bit disappointed BUT if there would be an option to make these cards more useful then you would have at least something. and dont tell me you can sell 3*4 resi or 2*5 atk cards on market for 5k, i put them in market for weeks and nobody bought them. i guess most people farm them theirselves or get them donated by friends. also i dont really see a problem of making fix prices on an npc for 4* cards with the goal to destroy gold. in the end you can still farm element dungeon and if you drop one of those cards you can sell them for a few 1000g under the "shop price". i just personally dont like the idea of buying cards on an npc but people are floating ele card prices to the double price because theres no market/farmer. If you guys have better ideas, provide them
  12. Hey, What do you guys think about the current "standard" of 4* Ele Cards and their low drop rate? You need months to find enough 4* Cards and then theres only people that charge the double (or even higher) price of its real worth. Imo 4*4 Resi cards should be around 100k~ 3*5 attack cards should be 30~35k and 4*5 attack cards should be 250~300k as it always has been (in the past). So my idea would be make these cards also craftable for fair amounts (maybe 10x3*4 for 4*4 and 5x2*5 for 3*5 atk and 8-10x3*5 for 4*5 atk as example). Other ideas would be make them buyable at a npc for these prices (this way it would also destroy gold)😉 I wana hear some opinions about this. (and im only talking about 4* cards max, so 5* cards and 6* will stil be something special that only a few people own)
  13. nah as mentioned before it would benefit people that are able to multiclient.
  14. impact back to 4 sec cd
  15. okay first i wana wait for the rework of the po dungeon, but i really like the idea of fixed stats that all classes have similar speed BUT then it would be useless to optimize gear etc. Therefore there should be an option to join the dungeon with current gear + stats and to have the option to join the dungeon with fixed stats. (-> Maybe create the same dungeon next to it or give the option to chose, one as it is now and one for fixed stats). This way player that have optimized their gear wouldnt get a disadvantage from this and new player or player without endgame gear could farm the dungeon in a better time (or farm it at all). As example create fixed values sothat you can do the dungeon in 6 minutes (or lower/higher?, just an idea).
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