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  1. Tiarra. Les PVE qui iront dans ce mode ce sera pour farm des items que ce mode propose (prems etc...). Et en plus de ça ils auront l’occasion de taper des gens. Et si ça les chauffe bien. Ils feront un vrai stuff PVP et ça amènera plus de monde dans les instances PVP (BSQ GVG etc...) T’es au courant que tu viens de te contredire là ?
  2. C'est pas un BR, c'est plutot un FFA. Mais sinon le no dero dans cette zone (et uniquement cette zone) est une bonne chose.
  3. Actually it's a good mode, because it serves as a bridge between full pve to full pvp gamemodes. This mode is the perfect middleground between those 2 worlds. Sure, PVE will be at an advantage, but we all know that the real pvp is battlesquare and 1V1 (and GVG). There are also more pve players than pvp and giving them a playground to pvp ppl with their pve gear is a nice step forward to motivate them to get a pvp gear and go to the real pvp battlegrounds. It's also a mode where you can farm things like cosmetics and all that. If you give pvp players a huge advantage, the only people that would be able to compete there are pvp people and would shred pve people in pieces. We don't want to have pvp elitists having all the good stuff. They already have coins from battlesquare. PVE people have nothing except the gold dunjeon. It's a good thing aim and dero are irrelevant in this mode. Also, if we get skillpoints from this mode (I lobbied a lot to make it happen, still don't know if they implemented that tbh), it will serve both pvp and pve players. Overall, I'm happy with what's on the paper.
  4. Le probleme avec le toucher dero c'est que si tu delete la dero, le toucher sert plus a rien et du coup l'agi aussi. Alors les gens vont se stuff full force/intel pour pvp et ceux qui veulent tank vont se foutre full vita partout. T'aurais des énormes sacs à pv qui est pas une réelle solution non plus. Le seul moyen de fix tout ca c'est d'avoir un truc style "if pvp, then load table 1", "if pve, then load table 2". Table 1 = Skill avec stat et cd qu'on veut pour le pvp table 2 = skill avec stat et cd qu'on veut pour le pve. Mais c'est plus facile à dire qu'à faire.
  5. My bad, it didn't say in the cash shop and I didn't buy one so I can't verify. I'll assume they are bound. -- What we can do, to make things even is to replace the advanced ice weapon with the "old" mark and make a new one with buffed stats that requires double or triple the amount of strange tickets. That way you need to farm during an event and is not too easy to get. Let's say something like 300 weird tickets for the weapon. It's long, but farming is always longer, then the player has the choice to either pay for the premium one OR (and? xD) farm for the advanced ice weapon. I believe it is a good compromise without impacting the DP price that is asked. Even things out.
  6. To be honest I'd be more incline to let those stats as they are now BUT apply them also to special IM weapons such as Valentine's premium weapons. They are event bound and "kinda" hard to get because you need to farm a specific event. Let's say the easiest premium weapons stat with the current stats, but the hardest get the buffed ones. This should also be extended to the PVP related weapons (advanced ice weapon and stuff like dat). With that, you can either farm strange tickets (requires event) to get a better IM weapon, OR buy from the shop (either by farming golds or buying DP's). Important note: The new IM weapons ARE NOT bound to the charachter, which can be nice !
  7. Not a bug. It’s a feature. :)))))
  8. @mouafr c’est parce que j’étais déjà au courant de ce changement et j’ai remercié zéphyr en conséquence. Tu te souviens du redémarrage du serveur y’a 2-3 jours ? Bah c’était pour ça. kiss.
  9. Not really. I have the feeling the server has entered his milking stage just like the official did when it was in an EOL status. There are many things we are asking / asked and after months and sometimes even years, nothing has been delivered. Granted, the unity color in the premium’s name Is a nice addition (that should have been implemented a long time ago); but there are other important things to do. 1000 DP (didn’t check in the game but I’ll take Turps word for it) is way over the line for a cosmetic item that most people will use in the costume slot anyway. There is enough evidence to support the idea that Dragonica Europe has entered his milking stage. I hope I’m wrong. But I’m afraid I’m not.
  10. People were asking for these changes for years now... Guess they don't have time to fix the game... 🤷‍♂️
  11. Staff should do a full reset xD
  12. True, but that's to prevent insane high prices on the market, like we had before. Irecall prices going up to 400/500 golds per scroll
  13. Plot twist: They won't because "they don't intervene in IG economy".
  14. Get rid of the English section on the forum and rename the French section to an international section. the English section is useless and people only answer the posts made in the French section anyway. Even Turpin is answering the French updates posts because he knows (and rightfully so) that this forum section is useless and read by no one.
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